Why Sage Enterprise Management is a Key Component to Growth and Success

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Why Sage Enterprise Management is a Key Component to Growth and Success

If you have a Services, Wholesale Distribution or Manufacturing business then find out how Sage Enterprise Management is key to growth in your industry.

Growth is the critical area of any business. Companies like yours need specifically designed Enterprise Resource Planning systems. A fully integrated ERP solution will help your company grow.

Growth can be measured in many different ways

We’ve highlighted three key touchstones of growth; saving time, increasing profitability and commanding control and applied them to three key industry sectors that can benefit from Sage Enterprise Management – Service, Wholesale & Distribution and Manufacturing.


Save Time in the Services Industry – Focus on Clients Not Admin


Your client’s needs will be a significant part of your business objective. Focus on these needs by taking away some of the basic admin duties that always seem to occupy your time even though you never intend it to be like that.


Streamline your workflows and improve collaboration within your organisation, so that you can focus on producing your best work for paying customers rather than running around collating their information.


Employee performance is key to minimising the time spent on unnecessary admin. Specialised data analytics in Sage Enterprise Management for Service gives you a holistic insight into employee performance, to make better decisions on how you can save time.

Enable virtual teams with people and projects spread across different offices or sites, so the need for time-consuming travel is no longer affecting the time you spend on client accounts.

Use Sage Enterprise Management to make saving time a crucial, valuable indicator of the future success of your business.


Increase Profit in the Wholesale and Distribution Industry – Get More Value from Your Stock

Stock Management

Distribution businesses will not make a profit if their customers are left waiting for valuable stock. Inventory management is always a balancing act, matching the demand to the levels may leave with a surplus or not enough stock. One could damage your cash flow and the other your customer relationships. Better stock management control systems with Sage Enterprise Management for Wholesale and Distribution will not leave your customers waiting for stock and will keep your inventory management budget under control.


Embrace new technologies with both your warehouse and on the road staff.  By not embracing the latest technologies, your warehouse staff will be stuck at a computer terminal and you’re on the road staff could be wasting a customer’s time in the field with slow, outdated technologies. Get accurate live information about stock inventories, delivered through mobile devices with Sage Enterprise Management for Wholesale and Distribution companies.

Real Time

Outdated legacy systems will hold you back when it comes to finding out where your stock was distributed in the past. Spreadsheets and homegrown databases are not the solution. A fully automated ERP system that is linked to every other conceivable part of your business will give the answers in real-time.

Stock is the business of warehouse and distribution companies. Sage Enterprise Management makes sure you know where everything is.


Command Control in the Manufacturing Industry – Managing Supply Chains


Production downtime will hurt your business. The supply chain is a constant challenge, staying on top of costs, demand forecasting, and inventory excess will delay production and frustrate your customers. Sage Enterprise Management for Manufacturing companies, will minimise production bottlenecks and achieve greater consistency.


Recalls and returns are becoming more commonplace. Changing legislation and a more ‘return policy’ savvy customer are making companies divert more resources than ever to returns and recalls. Sage Enterprise Management has an extensive lot, sub-lot and serial traceability functionality ensuring you can efficiently manage returns and recalls.

Real Time
Command and control a complete real-time view of all your business. Sage Enterprise Management will streamline all the processes linked to manufacturing, such as finances, CRM systems and reporting tools. Real-time access to business information will control the shop floor with single-site and single-product analysis tools.

Commanding control over manufacturing processes is a complicated and vast undertaking. Stay in complete control with Sage Enterprise Management.


Whatever your industry, Frontline will tailor your Sage Enterprise Management needs. Speak to our experienced team to start your journey of growth. 

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