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Our Approach

Why Frontline?

If your organisation is on a digital transformation journey, then having a partner with transformation experience is invaluable.

Frontline has worked across many different industry sectors including professional services, financial services, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain to transform SMB and Enterprise businesses so they can grow and be successful. We’ve earned our reputation as experts, and we can help you make informed choices at each point in the process we take you through.

Frontline will remove the IT headaches so that your in-house IT team can prioritise other projects, helping you manage your IT services and reduce costs to your business. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in our team, which gives us an unrivalled ability to understand your business from start to finish.


Our Approach


In the fast-paced world of IT, Frontline takes the view that delivering out of the box commoditised IT is a mistake. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to digitisation, every organisation is different – so taking such an approach is risky, unreliable and inevitably more expensive.

Although our services are productised to give maximum definition and customer understanding, Frontline’s primary focus is to strategically align with each and every customer, with an approach that looks far beyond the immediately visible requirements.

Frontline understands the importance of finding the right business partner, and as a customer you will benefit from many of our own longstanding and established business partnerships and supplier relationships. We appreciate it when our partners and suppliers take time to understand our business, and we endeavour to do the same for our customers.


We design solutions with you in mind by gathering a full picture of your business. It’s not just about delivering the right IT requirements. We also consider your:

  • Budget
  • Business process
  • Strategy and future growth plans
  • Resources
  • Risk acceptance
  • Business continuity plans
  • Applications and workforce
  • Customers, partners and suppliers
  • Security and compliance

This skillset allows us to be a true business partner, instead of just a supplier, and this alignment with our customers allows us to design solutions and product stacks with maximum efficiency.


All our solutions are built by a dedicated research team, giving input from service, commercial, technical, security, and a variety of other sources, and we take pride in building the correct combinations of skills and technology so that we can deliver on our promise.

With business relevance and technical excellence at the heart of all our solutions, we strive to give the highest level of customer service possible.


Frontline understands the difference between management and support, and our Managed Services are designed to be proactive rather than reactive.

We take pride in providing a service that keeps your business ahead of potential incidents and downtime, and we aim to properly manage your solutions, taking as much of the responsibility as we can for keeping your business at peak performance. No business can ever fully relieve themselves of IT responsibility, but Frontline will carry as much of the weight as possible, so that your teams can focus on your primary business.

All of our customers are allocated a dedicated Account Manager and are onboarded onto our service delivery programme. Our job is to live and breathe your account, providing regular meetings and a constant point of connection, allowing you to utilise and access all of the skills and services that we provide.


The most difficult challenge we have faced in recent years is to create a market competitive service catalogue, built up of all the ingredients required to deliver a fully managed set of services that will allow our customers to focus on their primary business, and leave their IT in our capable hands. We have not shied away from this challenge, and we strive to fill our services with as many ingredients as possible, whilst keeping our prices palatable for our customers.

We understand that IT efficiency is not a destination. We approach IT as though it was a living and breathing organism, and one that needs to perform to level of a champion athlete. You cannot become an athlete and then sit back and wait for gold medals. Maintaining excellence requires constant dedication, analysis, maintenance, focus, and most importantly, improvement. All Frontline services are frequently reviewed and analysed, to ensure that we remain relevant, efficient, commercially competitive, and ahead of the pack. This approach allows Frontline to continue to set the standard to which all other IT providers are measured.

Looking for a new IT Partner?

Talk to us about your current business needs and future IT goals, so we can help choose the right technology to move your business forwards.