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Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Powerful warehouse management in the palm of your hand

A growing number of small and mid-sized organisations are demanding improved efficiency and productivity of their warehouse operations. They want to know where stock is located, how much is available and how it’s divided into customer orders, but often struggle to get a real-time picture.

Frontline’s Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One provides the ability to use SAP’s warehouse management capabilities and deliver them to handheld barcode scanners for booking-in, picking, delivery and stock transfers, making stock control and order fulfilment simpler.

It captures live data at the point of activity around the warehouse, providing a true picture of stock data across operations. No more misplaced inventory, sending the wrong orders to customers, or staff overtime to meet hectic order fulfilment. Just simpler warehouse management in the palm of your hand.

Features and benefits

Faster and more accurate data entry with handheld devices

Increased productivity and efficiency of staff and reduced labour costs

Improve customer service

Better decision making

Reduce time for stocktaking and minimise stock levels - and therefore reducing warehousing costs and minimising over-delivery

Hosted in your own datacentre, the public cloud or within Frontline’s specialist datacentres – designed for ERP and business critical hosting

Delivered to devices across Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop tools

Frontline implements and supports the architecture required to deliver SAP Business One

Subscription based model with hosted infrastructure reducing capital costs

With Frontline’s specialist add-on for SAP Business One to deliver functionality to handheld devices, we take a holistic approach to warehouse management and deliver improved efficiencies and reduced costs for customers. Through a combination of Frontline’s WMS and our knowledge of SAP Business One, you can make smarter decisions more easily, fulfilling orders and keeping your customers happy.





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