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Microsoft Services

Microsoft packages have revolutionised the way businesses manage their IT systems - and Frontline IT Consultancy is here to help.

As a Microsoft Tier 1 Partner, Frontline can provide customers with a competitive edge through Microsoft’s resources and on-hand expertise. Frontline customers have access to the latest Microsoft products like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft services, and technologies, as well as next-generation software and cloud environments.

Benefits of working with a Microsoft Tier 1 partner

Access to expertise

Our team of experts can help you to implement and optimise Microsoft products and services to meet your business needs.

Faster implementation

Our experienced Implementation team can help you get up and running quickly, identifying any issues that may arise during the process.

Technical support

As a Microsoft Tier 1 partner, Frontline can provide technical support for Microsoft products and services including troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades.

Bespoke solutions

Microsoft Tier 1 partners can customise Microsoft solutions to meet specific business needs, integrating Microsoft solutions with other systems and applications in use.

Access to training

We can help improve your IT Team's skills and increase your business’ overall proficiency via Microsoft training on products and services.

Cost savings

We can identify cost saving opportunities and negotiate better pricing from Microsoft.

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Client Testimonial

‘We needed a partner who could provide us with reliable and compliant support 24/7.  We turned to Frontline for this service to ensure that everything was accurate, timely and done properly.  We’ve developed a great partnership with the Frontline team over the years and they continually demonstrate their expertise and knowledge – ensuring that our infrastructure and assets are kept reliable and secure.’ 

Alex MacMillan

Head Of Information Technology, Frank Roberts

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