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Automate Purchase Invoice Entry and Validation

Automated invoice processing with SAP Business One

Automated invoice processing is a key component of efficient and effective accounts payable management. The process involves using software to automate the invoice approval process, thereby allowing users to streamline their workflows and reduce processing costs.

How does it work?                                                                Invoices are received from suppliers in many formats and automatically validated and added into SAP Business One.  The Frontline solution identifies and extracts the data from the invoice and validates it against existing supplier records in SAP Business One.

The Purchase Order (PO) raised, will be matched against the Goods Receipt (GRPO) and the invoice data.  Once authenticated the invoice is automatically added to SAP Business One for processing on the next applicable payment run. The resulting invoice within SAP Business One will also have the original PDF from the supplier attached.

Any invoices that don’t match, or sit outside tolerances, will be placed onto an ‘issues board’ for manual review.


Automated faster entry of AP invoices

More accurate AP invoice entries

Reduced workload on the Finance Department

More accurate, on time payments to suppliers

Stronger relationships with suppliers

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‘We’re a much more profitable company since we implemented SAP Business One. When we move into a new warehouse with the latest technology, it really will streamline the business to grow further in the future.’

Chris Davies

Sales and Production Manager, BIL Group

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