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IBM i Power Systems

Peace of mind for all your IBM i requirements

Managing your IBM i system to deliver your key IT solutions has never been easier. Frontline can host, manage, monitor and maintain your IBM i solutions around-the-clock and deliver your services at peak performance with maximum uptime. The hosting service can cater for a single server, high availability solutions and also multiple levels of business continuity and resilience either using your own hardware or hosted in our own data centres or in the cloud on one of our many purpose built scalable IBM i platforms.

Managed by a team of industry IBM i specialists, whatever your requirements Frontline has a solution that will meet your needs.

IBM i experts are becoming increasingly harder to find, so why not offset your day to day operational requirements with our industry leading managed service to keep your systems secure, available and running at its peak.

IBM i development needs, we’ve got it covered with our development and support team who can support existing applications and develop new solutions.

Features and Benefits

Complete management of IBM i solutions

Including LPAR’s or physical servers either on premises, hosted within our data centres or in the cloud

Comprehensive monitoring solution 24/7

Using a comprehensive state of the art toolset that allows for granular reporting

Business continuity

Multiple levels of service available to meet every need

Security focused

Systems are kept up to date with the latest PTF and technical refreshes

Monitoring and management

Of backups, BCP replication solutions and media

Bespoke checks

Monthly workloads and out of hours tasks can be performed by our 24/7 inhouse team

IBM i consultancy and development

Packages available for design, upgrade and application support and development

IBM i technical support

Access to industry professionals with OS, hardware and application skills

As a managed service provider supporting IBM i we constantly invest in the people, hardware, skills and the toolsets required to deliver an exceptional service. Many businesses already benefit from our investments in these areas, from fully managed on premise systems to business-critical applications within our own data centres or cloud based at a fraction of the cost of running a full internal service.

Whatever your requirement, we can find a cost-effective solution that will meet the needs of your business.