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Unlocking Manufacturing Excellence with LYNQ MES

LYNQ’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One, offering visual planning and scheduling. It also facilitates thorough manual and automatic data collection and analysis from both employees and machines. This integration empowers manufacturing companies to optimise efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance profitability.

Frontline was looking for a solution for manufacturing customers to enhance SAP Business One’s manufacturing capabilities. After looking for a fully integrated solution, one that holds the certification from SAP, Frontline found LYNQ and their cutting-edge MES solution.

“LYNQ MES provides three core pieces of functionality that our customers have been asking for. Firstly, it’s around advanced planning that takes into account capacity, resources, priorities and provides a really capable planning board for either drag-and-drop planning or a fully automated planning engine. On top of that, there’s a highly configurable shop floor data capture capability that can run on tablets or mobile devices with a really nice graphical user interface.” says Tony Hilton, Director

“Once all the data around production is being captured through the shop floor data capture, there is a really powerful loss analysis and business intelligence engine. So, you can look at your data, look at your actuals, and start to decide where you can make improvements in your whole production flow.”

“LYNQ has a highly structured, very professionally put-together partner programme. They’re a very easy organisation to work with, a very thorough sales process, and a very thorough and mature implementation process.” continued Tony.

For more information about LYNQ MES visit: www.lynqmes.com

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