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Unleashing the power of Frontline Available-to-Promise in SAP Business One

In the continually changing landscape of business, maintaining control over inventory management and order fulfilment is essential for staying competitive and achieving success.

In the realm of SAP Business One (SAP B1), the Available-to-Promise (ATP) feature emerges as a pivotal tool, offering businesses the ability to gain accurate and reliable insights into stock commitment possibilities. This functionality extends beyond customer orders, also encompassing internal production needs.

Understanding Frontline ATP
Frontline ATP builds upon the core functions of the standard ATP feature in SAP Business One, introducing several enhancements that empower businesses in their inventory management activities.

Enhanced selection criteria: Frontline ATP provides advanced selection criteria, allowing businesses to fine-tune their analysis based on specific parameters.

Multiple filters: The inclusion of multiple filters enhances the precision of stock commitment assessments, providing a more detailed understanding of inventory status.

Improved transaction visibility: Frontline ATP offers improved visibility over both incoming and outgoing transactions, enabling businesses to make more informed decisions about stock allocation.

Actionable functions: Frontline ATP equips users with functions to take immediate action based on the insights gained.

Features and Benefits

‘Frontline Available-to-Promise allows businesses to take bulk actions directly from the screen, offering options to initiate ‘buy’ transactions and create tailored purchase orders – be it individual or consolidated.’ Tony Hilton, Director

  1. Bulk action capability: Users can address identified stock issues in bulk directly from the screen, streamlining the correction process.
  2. Purchase transaction options: Frontline ATP introduces options to create ‘buy’ transactions, allowing businesses to proactively manage stock levels.
  3. Dynamic PO management: Users can generate either individual or consolidated purchase orders, providing flexibility in procurement strategies.
  4. Alter existing POs: Frontline ATP allows for the modification of existing purchase orders, including changes to dates, quantities, or even cancellation when necessary.

‘The ability to alter existing purchase orders with ease, whether changing dates, quantities, or cancelling, adds a layer of flexibility crucial for dynamic inventory control.’ Tony Hilton, Director

Incorporating Frontline Available-to-Promise into SAP Business One provides SAP B1 users with much more sophisticated, advanced and more proactive approaches to inventory management. By combining enhanced features and actionable functions, Frontline ATP becomes an indispensable tool in the quest of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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