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The Golden Rules of Project Delivery

Frontline is committed to helping customers flourish, through the delivery and management of innovative and scalable IT solutions.

Experienced working with customers across all sectors including Manufacturing, Distribution and Transportation, we know that the Project Management offering can really help make your business and IT networks operate far more efficiently.

During a project lifecycle, your Project Manager (PM) should be your principal point of contact. Project Managers should steer the project around all the potential issues that can strike during a development – and they can often do this without you realising they have even been involved.

The Role of the Project Manager:

A Project Manager is fundamental to the successful delivery of your IT project. They orchestrate the whole team to ensure successful implementation, allowing everyone else involved (MSP and customer) to concentrate on other critical projects and key deliverables.

1. Initiating
The Project Manager and Customer (key contact) begin with a kick-off meeting which will outline and define the main objectives and purpose of the project within the agreed scope. They will identify the key internal and external stakeholders, set shared expectations and agree main project milestones. Change Management and control will also be discussed – as well as a communication and any updates on the strategy.

2. Planning
Once the above has been agreed, the PM will (with the key customer stakeholders) create an integrated and interactive project plan, which should be fully accessible by all those involved. The established plan is then the platform for the PM to oversee the scope, cost, timelines, risk, quality and full communications. Planning shouldn’t end until the project closes. The project plan is a constant living and changing document, and will continually evolve throughout the lifecycle of the project.

3. Executing
The PM should also ensure the appropriate resource is assigned to the project tasks at the correct time, to keep the project moving. They will typically protect the team from distractions, facilitate and manage any issue resolutions and lead the team through any project changes.

4. Monitoring and Controlling
The PM works hard to ensure that all necessary activities are completed within set timelines and agreed milestones. They constantly monitor the progress of the project, manage the budget and deal with any changes in plenty of time. They should obtain customer approval on any adjustments (especially relating to budget or milestones) and issue updates at agreed timescales to monitor planned/scheduled performance.

5. Closing
The PM will ensure that all activities have been completed. This will include getting formal customer signoff and ensure a complete handover is given to the IT Support Team.

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