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Microsoft is recognised as a leader in the Quadrant for Access Management for a fifth time

For a fifth consecutive year Microsoft has been recognised as a leader in access management using Azure Active Directory, and have been placed furthest right on the ‘completeness of vision axis’.

What is Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)?
Azure AD is an enterprise identity service that provides single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and conditional access to guard against 99.9 percent of cyber security attacks. It protects both your users and your data.

Identity is quickly becoming the centre of modern security

Three emerging themes identified are:

1. Cyber warfare: The sophistication and prevalence of cyber-attacks is on the rise, putting businesses at risk as critical infrastructure is targeted. Often these attacks can be methodical and look to exploit multiple vulnerabilities to gain access to trusted technologies and valuable data.

A zero-trust security model placing high emphasis on identity, is Microsoft’s recommended approach to security. These principles should be applied across the entire digital estate with identity as a consistent security plane.

2. Multi-cloud platforms: From ‘On-premises’ (private) to public cloud and hybrid, multi-cloud is quickly becoming the norm for many businesses. Cloud-based tools have enabled both automation and scale, but with many associated risks. Access management has become a key factor for protecting complex multi-cloud environments.

3. Decentralised computing requires advanced protection: There is great demand for more convenient, secure, and private ways to interact on all types of devices at work or at home. Microsoft are building the digital identity systems that will serve as a trust fabric for the ubiquitous, decentralised digital ecosystem of the future with our decentralised identity.

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