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IBM i 7.3: End of Support – What does it mean for your business? 

IBM recently announced the end of life for IBM i 7.3 Support.

IBM’s 7.3 End of Support announcement means that IBM will no longer provide support for version 7.3 of its software products from September 2023. This includes security updates, bug fixes, and other technical support.

This may be a significant issue for businesses that rely on IBM products, as they will no longer receive updates or technical assistance for any issues that may arise – leaving them at greater risk of cyber security attacks and other security related problems.

Businesses that use IBM products should therefore evaluate their existing systems and determine if they are running version 7.3. If so, they should consider upgrading to a newer version to ensure continued support and to avoid any potential issues.

Additionally, businesses should also review their existing contracts to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate level of support for their needs.

Peter Dunbar, IBM i & Power Systems Manager Frontline IT Consultancy commented: ‘We are working with a number of customers to ensure their IBM systems are running on the latest version of V7R5M0, helping them keep their systems up-to-date, secure and extend the support cycle for their mission critical operations.’

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