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How to avoid a Phishing Attack

Cyber attacks are on the rise and it’s crucial that we all take proactive measures to help protect information security. A critical step in this protection is learning how to detect phishing emails.

1. STOP AND THINK: Check the display name, from email address and email signature. If these don’t look right, it could be a potential attack.

2. SPELLING & GRAMMAR: Potential attackers are often less concerned about spelling or grammatical consistency than a normal sender would be.

3. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Legitimate senders are unlikely to ask for personal information or Login details in an email, at least without informing you first in some other way. Don’t give up personal information or log into portals unless you are absolutely certain where that information is going to.

4. BEWARE OF URGENCY: Beware of urgent or threatening language, particularly in the subject line. By creating a sense of emergency, hackers aim to create panic so that you won’t have time to think and are more likely to act recklessly.

5. NOT SURE? CHECK! Don’t believe everything you see! A phishing email may look completely valid. Hackers are very good at what they do. If you have any element of doubt check with your Cyber or Helpdesk teams.

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