SAP Business One for Shop Floor Data Capture

Frontline extends the functionality of SAP Business One with our Shop Floor Data Capture add-on.

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Accurate data capture

Achieve more accurate data capture, reduce back office administration costs whilst improving production and capacity planning for increased operational efficiencies.

SAP Business One has comprehensive stock control, manufacturing and reporting functionality allowing you to manage your manufacturing processes, however, gaining an accurate and real time view of work in progress (WIP) has long been a challenge for many organisations.

Frontline are pleased to offer Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) for SAP Business One which is designed for organisations that have enhanced manufacturing visibility and reporting requirements.

Frontline’s SFDC for SAP Business One is a fully integrated solution building on the powerful information already available within the standard SAP Business One solution and offering enhanced functionality which allows organisations to gain complete control over their end to end manufacturing processes.

Identifying efficiency gains

Frontline extends the functionality of the standard SAP Business One solution with real time manufacturing data feeding directly into SAP Business One for a central view of orders in process across your shop floor.

Capturing accurate usage data, for materials, machine and labour time on any given job is key to identifying where efficiency gains can be made in the production process and where the issues/bottlenecks lie. Any good production manager already knows where the major bottlenecks are in a process, but once these have been ironed out, it’s the small changes that make a compound difference to the business’s bottom line and with these SFDC for SAP Business One from Frontline can help.

Experience Return on Integration

  • Better visibility of operations
  • Reduce back office administration
  • Enhanced planning capabilities
  • Accurate data capture

Shop floor data capture

Accurate Data Capture

Accurately capture time and materials across every WorkCentre, including waste – allowing the production manager to identify problems early by reporting on efficiency gains/losses, scrap or waste per operator etc.

Reduce Back Office Administration Costs

As time and materials data is captured at the point of activity and fed directly back into SAP, you remove the need for costly administration overheads in the process.

Production Planning

If ‘problems’ identified through the data capture and review process are not problems, but rather issues with the standard systems that have been setup, then adjusting these systems will impact the planning data available within SAP Business One for planning applications.

Capacity Planning

Frontline can provide a range of planning options for the production team dependent on your business requirements.

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  • Designed exclusively for SAP Business One
  • Can be hosted within Frontline’s Cloud, a Public Cloud environment or from your own datacentre
  • Delivered to end point terminal emulators
  • Can be integrated with Citrix
  • Supported by our specialist SAP development team and expert support consultants


  • More accurate data capture throughout entire production process
  • Better visibility of operations
  • Reduce back office administration costs by capturing data at point of activity
  • Enhanced planning capabilities

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