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B1 UP/BIL Group

Discover how BIL Group streamlined processes and warehouse operations, using SAP Business One and B1UP

BIL Group is the UK’s leading manufacturer of castors, wheels and materials handling equipment, supplying a fast-expanding customer base that includes major UK supermarket chains, motor manufacturing plants and airports. When BIL Group set out to streamline processes and warehouse operations to meet forecasted growth, they relied on SAP Business One, the B1 Usability Package and the implementation experts at Frontline IT Consultancy to achieve more efficient warehouse management, simplified one-click reporting and complete data visibility for optimal decision-making.

Business Challenges 

  • Need for a growth-oriented ERP with a scalable range of administrative and operational functionalities
  • Desire to optimise warehouse processes
  • Aim to increase data transparency with real-time data for better operations oversight

Why SAP Business One + B1UP?

  • Solution leverages cutting-edge technology for optimising stock and inventory management
  • Solution provides a robust, scalable data management platform capable of ensuring smooth future integration of WMS, barcoding systems and online ordering for customers
  • Solution’s B1 Usability Package enables the company to customise and automate a wide range of processes from providing sales quotations to product shipping and delivery
  • Partner deemed creative, highly responsive, proactive and easy to work with

“We’re a much more profitable company since we implemented SAP Business One. When we move into a new warehouse with the latest technology, it really will streamline the business to grow further in the future. ” Chris Davies, Sales and Production Manager, BIL Group

Value-Driven Results

  • Optimised inventory oversight generating time-savings and ease-of-use for company and customers
  • Data transparency and more efficient data flows among management, staff and customers
  • Increased overall efficiency with simplified, one-click reporting
  • Greater profitability

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