A service methodology designed to continually exceed customer expectations

We have developed our own methodology based on ITIL framework. We call it Connected Delivery. It ensures we are always connected, delivering increased Return on Integration.

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This unique service methodology has one simple purpose:

To deliver absolutely exceptional customer service that exactly matches your business needs and objectives, and then to keep on doing it, day after day, year in, year out.

Working to industry-recognised best practice, we deliver our solutions in all areas including ERP, IT support, managed services and application development. The Connected Delivery methodology is split into three phases for each customer project: Connect, Deliver and Continue.

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We start by working closely with you to connect your business objectives to IT solutions – ensuring that whatever we design delivers a return on integration. This means our solutions are connected within your existing IT environment to deliver valuable returns back to your business.

Not only do we connect our different technology solutions together to provide a tailored service that meets your business requirements, but we also connect our specialist teams internally, across our Managed Service, ERP, Application and Support teams, to craft the perfect connected IT delivery team for your project.

Once we have worked with you to understand your business and IT, Frontline then designs a solution that shows a return on investment and integration and aligns to your business objectives.

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When we deliver technology projects, whether that’s at the customer’s site or within our datacentres, Frontline employs specialist guidelines, following the ITILv3 Service framework, to ensure our solutions are delivered in a methodical way to ensure project success and minimise the potential for risk.

We carefully follow a best practice approach when it comes to service transition, making sure that critical solutions are sufficiently project managed and adhere to a planned, phased approach that proactively looks for potential risks that may occur.

When Frontline implements a project, we ensure that we deliver effective integration between our solution and your existing environment – and we have decades of experience integrating and connecting business critical technology solutions for customers.

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One of Frontline’s key differentiators is our commitment to continual improvement once a solution is implemented. We have worked with some of our customers since the company was born in 1991, and that is down to our approach of supporting our customers over the long term and continually looking for ways to improve our service to clients.

Our support teams have a framework which puts in place service improvement plans should any issues occur and as businesses evolve and their needs change, Frontline partners with customers to look at how newer technology could support their business in the future – which takes us back to the Connect phase of our strategy where we realign business objectives to tailored technology solutions.

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