The Ultimate Guide to SAP Business One

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The Ultimate Guide to SAP Business One

What is SAP Business One (SAP B1) and is it right for your business?

You probably already know that SAP B1 is an enterprise resource planning system designed to integrate with the main functional areas of a business. Like many similar systems it includes core software modules for the essentials of business such as finance, accounting and HR. What’s different is that it also includes  other functions and modules to suit your business needs, such as warehouse management, resource planning or CRM solutions.

When people think of SAP their first thought is that it is only for enterprise businesses. This is true for SAP Business Suite, but SAP Business One has been specifically designed and developed for the needs of small to mid-sized enterprises.

At Frontline Consultancy we have been working with SAP Business One for over 10 years, and through experience we have been able to work with clients to identify the best ERP solution for their business.

Built in flexibility

By choosing SAP Business One your business is opting for an ERP system that supports every business critical function. Designed around a single database it allows users to stay on top of all their business functions. It also has built in flexibility that allows ongoing upgrades and additions.

The benefits of SAP Business One

There are numerous benefits to implementing a new business ERP system including:

Quicker business response times. Having all your business data in one single data source makes it easier to access. This allows you and your staff to make more knowledgeable decisions.

Improved efficiencies. With your whole business in one centralised system you are able to reduce data entry errors as well as cutting the cost of inputting information into legacy systems that can’t talk to each other.

Grow, don’t just manage, your business. By using SAP B1 to streamline your business you can focus on profitability rather than having to manage the little details.

Become an agile business. One of the key benefits for SAP Business One users is that there are hundreds of add on solutions that can help support every business requirement. With the right tailored solution for your business, you can stay ahead of the competition and react as market forces change.

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