Sage Enterprise Management Version 12 - What's New?

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Sage Enterprise Management Version 12 – What’s New?

Sage has recently announced their latest release of Sage Enterprise Management, version 12. This blog takes a high level look at the new functionality and features you can expect.

What is Sage Enterprise Management?

Before we kick off, for those of you new to Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3), here is a brief introduction. For the rest of you, feel free to skip this bit!

Sage Enterprise Management is a business management solution designed for mid-sized businesses and subsidiaries of large enterprises that helps manage business growth. It helps support all the key areas of your business including finance, sales, CRM, stock control, manufacturing and much more.

Sage Enterprise Management – Version 12

Below are just some of the new features and functionality you can expect for the latest release:

User Experience:

The user experience has been further enhanced with a responsive design framework allowing improved access to the software on mobile and desktop devices regardless of the type and size. Navigation is made simpler with an interactive site map and a ‘favourite toolbar’.

Global Compliance:

With Sage Enterprise Management used in over 80 countries worldwide, version 12 has seen a number of updates to accommodate new compliance requirements. From a UK perspective this has included ‘VAT box management’ for UK VAT declaration as well as ‘payment practices reporting’.

Financial Management:

With finance at the centre of any business, version 12 see’s improvements to the day to day operations including bank statement reconciliation, automated journal creation, enhanced traceability, Revenue Recognition and Tax Declaration Framework.

Supply Chain Management:

The Sales and Procurement modules allows for a default supplier per product site, not invoiceable deliveries and Registered Export System (REX) as well as Licence Plate Numbering (LPN).

Manufacturing Management:

The manufacturing functionality within Sage Enterprise Management has seen improvements to quality management, production management and the production scheduler amongst many other areas.

Project Management:

The project management enhancements allows for improved cost management and better control of project profitability.

If you are already using Sage Enterprise Management and looking to upgrade to the latest version, or are planning to review your existing ERP / business management software, then get in contact with the Frontline Team to see if Sage Enterprise Management could be the right solution for your business.

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