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How secure is your IT for 2019?

Throughout 2018 nearly every business has been concerned about complying with new GDPR rules. Databases have been thrown out, email systems changed, privacy policies updated, audits conducted and, in more extreme circumstances, businesses actually closing their UK and European operations.

Due to increased IT costs to comply with GDPR some companies have neglected their day to day IT security due to limited budgets so today we ask, how secure is your IT for the New Year?

It’s hard to predict exactly what will happen in 2019, but here at Frontline we are already talking to our customers and prospects about some of the issues they are likely to face, so we have put together a quick summary of what could be the next IT security challenges.


IT Security Challenges in 2019

US based IT analysts eSecurity Planet are predicting a number of issues for 2019 which all businesses will face, so here are just a few of them:

  • Encryption – Many companies overestimate the power of encryption and this year has seen a number of companies such as Equifax finding out that relying on encryption is not the only thing that they should rely on for IT data security.
  • Cloudjacking – If you’ve not heard of it yet, you will do in 2019. Malware is used to infect end-user computers with software that hijacks system resources and sets them to work mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Ransomware – We all remember Wannacry in 2017, but these technologies are becoming even more sophisticated so Frontline are already working with customers on their defences including email security and data backup just in case.
  • Mobile Security – 2018 has yet again seen an explosion of mobile devices being used to support business operations. We are now all used to having email on our phones, but the expectation for many businesses that they will have access to all their business data on the go via their  ERP software means that a simple loss of a device can cause a major IT breach.


What can you do to be IT Secure?

There are number of factors a company needs to consider in regards to their IT security. Some common ones are highlighted below:

Are my computers and data at risk?

What steps are you taking now? Are you doing enough? Do you need professional support or specialist skills? By conducting an audit regularly your business can identify IT security risks before they happen.

Is your network locked down?

Do you know who has access to your systems? Do you change passwords regularly? Do you check the source of emails etc? Have you limited your risk?

Are your systems and software up to date?

Patches and upgrades often include critical security updates. Clicking the remind me later button can often open up your business to security risks.

Training is key

One of the best ways to stay IT secure is to train all your staff on key security issues and practices. Putting a plan in place to regularly change passwords or what to do if a mobile device is lost can be one of the most effective forms of IT security.

With IT security for your business there is no ‘one size fits all’. If you are looking for support for your IT Security in 2019 contact Frontline and one of our team can discuss options with you further.

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