SAP Business One for Warehouse Management

Improve efficiencies and reduced costs associated with your warehouse through the use of warehouse management software

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Improve staff productivity with SAP Business One for Warehouse Management

Ensure your staff can always access their central SAP systems with SAP Business One for Warehouse Management – delivered to their handheld work devices.

Achieve more accurate data entry and improve productivity with Frontline’s specialist add-on for SAP Business One to deliver functionality to handheld devices.

Benefit from improved efficiencies

Our Warehouse Management System for SAP Business One provides the ability to use SAP’s warehouse management capabilities, accessed from handheld barcode scanners for booking-in, picking, delivering and stock transfers.

Warehouse Management Software (WMS) is not just for large organisations. A growing number of small and midsized business are benefiting from improved efficiencies and reduced costs associated with their warehouse through the use of warehouse management software.

Our WMS for SAP Business One captures live data at the point of activity around the warehouse, providing real-time, accurate stock data across your entire organisation.

Experience Return on Integration

  • Faster data entry
  • Increased productivity
  • Minimise over delivery
  • Better decision making

SAP Warehouse Management

  • Do you need to know where stock is located, not just how much is available and is that lack of information costing you valuable time?
  • Do you need to know how much stock is allocated to customer orders and how much is free to promise so that you’re not promising the same stock twice?
  • Would users in the warehouse scanning a bar code be more efficient and accurate for your business than recording stock movements on paper for entry later?
  • Do you buy in bulk and sell in smaller quantities, requiring different quantities of measure and is the process of controlling the quantities of final stock becoming time consuming and inaccurate?
  • Do your customers receive the wrong orders?
  • Is inventory being misplaced?
  • Are your warehouse staff working overtime to meet demand?

If you find you are struggling with these issues, then SAP Business One for Warehouse Management could help you to achieve a number of outcomes.


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Benefits of SAP Business One

Faster and More Accurate Data Entry

A barcode scanner typically records data five to seven times faster than a skilled typist. Keyboard data entry typically suffers from at least one error in every 300 keystrokes. Barcode data entry has an error rate of about 1 in 3 million.

Increase Productivity and Reduced Labour Costs

By allowing for faster and more accurate data entry, the productivity of your warehouse staff is increased without impacting on accuracy. By improving the speed and accuracy of your warehouse staff, you can minimise the additional temporary staff required during peak periods.

Improve Customer Service

By minimising the number of incorrect deliveries, not only are you saving cost on returns, your customers are benefiting from an improved customer experience.

Minimise Over Delivery

There is an almost unquantifiable cost associated with over delivering items to a customer. How often has a customer told you that they have been sent more items than they have paid for?


Reducing Stock Levels

The accuracy of stock control achieved when using barcodes can give you the confidence to lower stock levels without fear of failing to fulfil customer orders, either because you are out of stock or because stock can’t be found in the warehouse. Keeping less in stock reduces the amount of money tied up in stock.

Reduce Warehouse Costs

By minimising stock levels, you can optimise the warehouse space either resulting in a reduced need for space or making better use of the additional space created.

Reduce Time Taken For Stock Taking

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of stock taking. Ad-hoc stock takes can also be carried out on the spot.

Better Decision Making

Real time, accurate information about stock levels allows you to make informed business critical decisions.


  • Can be delivered to devices across Citrix or Microsoft Remote Desktop tools
  • Frontline implements and support the architecture required to deliver SAP Business One
  • Application can be hosted in your own datacentre, the public cloud or within Frontline’s specialist datacentres – designed for ERP and business critical hosting
  • Option to pay on a subscription basis with hosted infrastructure – to reduce capital costs


  • Faster data entry with handhold devices
  • More accurate data entry
  • Increased productivity of staff
  • Reduced labour costs by improving staff speed
  • Improve customer service
  • Minimise over delivery
  • Reduce stock levels and therefore warehousing costs
  • Reduce time for stocktaking
  • Better decision making

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