How much does Sage Enterprise Management cost?

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How much does Sage Enterprise Management cost?

For many companies looking at implementing a new ERP system the first question they ask is: How much will it cost?

This is a common question the team at Frontline Consultancy hear from our customers and today we thought it would be worth discussing the question in our latest blog.


The big ERP question

Firstly, when your business is considering an ERP system such as Sage Enterprise Management (formerly Sage X3) the very first question a business should ask themselves is: What do you want the new system to do for your business?

If you start with the cost question it is hard to understand the real benefits of an ERP system. Our team will work closely with customers to consider their requirements and business needs and then help them decide which ERP system is right and identify what the tangible and intangible benefits will be.


What next?

You should next consider which areas of your business an ERP system, like Sage Enterprise Management, will benefit the most. This will be one of the major factors when it comes to pricing your final ERP solution. In general Sage Enterprise Management will benefit a number of functional areas of your business including:

  • Finance
  • Logistics
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Service

Depending on your requirements in each area will affect the final price to your business. In addition to the basic packages from Sage there are a number of modules that can be added on which are designed for specific industries. The team at Frontline Consultancy can help identify those that are likely to give the greatest benefits and how much each will cost.


Key pricing factors for Sage Enterprise Management

When considering the right ERP solution for your business there are a number of factors which will affect both the choice of system and final price as follows:

Business size – Implementing Sage Enterprise Management is typically a bigger project from a business management perspective than most companies will have been through in the past. A full ERP system will bring significant benefits but will also have a cost. Generally companies looking at implementing Sage Enterprise Management will have been using a smaller Sage solution or be using a number of disparate systems.

ERP Users –  Your company could have hundreds of staff but the number of actual users could be very small. When considering an ERP system like Sage Enterprise Management consider the number of modules, the benefits they will bring, and how many actual users you will need.

Functional areas and integrations – As we have already said, knowing which areas of the business you want the ERP system to be implemented in will have a great deal of effect on your final pricing.

Customisation – Companies considering an ERP system such as Sage Enterprise Management know that the final cost will vary based on the final customisations required. Tweaking the out of the box configuration just a little bit can make a huge difference in your company experiencing a rapid ROI.


The final cost

Establishing the final cost of an ERP system such as Sage Enterprise Management is, as you can see, a difficult question to answer in a blog. The system will need to be personalised for your business and the final cost will vary depend on so many factors such as functional areas and final module requirements.

If you would like to talk to an expert about Sage Enterprise Management or any other ERP system talk to one of the experts a Frontline Consultancy. As a Sage Business Partner we will be able to guide you through implementing an ERP system.


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