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SAP B1 version 10

SAP Business One Version 10 – is it time to upgrade?

SAP Business One (SAP B1) is the fastest growing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application in the world. It can be…

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i-UG Conference Midlands 2022

Lee Jones (Head of infrastructure) and Peter Dunbar (IBM i and Power Systems Manager) attended the Annual i-ug conference 2022…

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Public cloud infrastructure: Top Three Reasons to consider Public Cloud

Moving away from on-premise architecture to a cloud infrastructure requires a huge shift away from the responsibilities of the datacentre…

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Four reasons to move up to SAP Business One Web Client

With over 70,000 customers world-wide, SAP Business One is the fastest growing ERP application in the world, and for good…

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SAP Business One implementations: Five steps to success

ERP systems can help automate business processes, streamline end-to-end operations and deliver a true and unified picture of business information.…

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Microsoft is recognised as a leader in the Quadrant for Access Management for a fifth time

Microsoft is recognised as a leader in the Quadrant for Access Management for a fifth time

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How to run a seamless Hybrid meeting with Microsoft Teams

How to run a seamless Hybrid meeting - get the right collaboration tools in place

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Will cyber security insurance cover your business in the face of attack?

Gone are the days of a fool proof insurance policy that pays out on ransomware attacks – so what should…

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How to avoid a Phishing Attack

Cyber attacks are on the rise and it’s crucial that we all take proactive measures to help protect information security.…

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