Ensure your software always fully supports your business

As your business changes, your applications need to change with it. Our Application Support Services ensure your software is fully supported to keep your business running smoothly.

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Application Support to ensure your software is always running

Many organisations implement a solution that works for them today. However, businesses change, and so do the requirements of the software that underpins those business processes. Frontline’s Application Support Services ensure that your software is always fully supported, scalable and protected from issues as the business evolves.

Our dedicated team is on hand to react to unforeseen issues within software platforms, so that you can have the peace of mind that if an application starts to produce an unexpected outcome that it can be quickly fixed to ensure business continuity.

Application Support you can rely on

We proactively put in place measures to safeguard against business downtime by protecting your most critical applications, allowing you to be free from worry and safe in the knowledge that your business can keep functioning, whatever the situation.

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Experience Return on Integration

  • Specialist App Support expertise
  • Minimise risk to business disruption
  • Proactive action to avoid issues
  • 24/7 App Support

Application Support Explained

We have extensive experience in deploying SAP, Sage and Power i associated software to clients – and this has meant that we have developed particular expertise in keeping those systems running, even in the event of a software failure.

It’s not nice to think about what could go wrong, but Frontline’s Application Support Service is all about taking proactive measures to supporting your software to reduce any risk of downtime or outages across your business.

As businesses evolve, their processes change or scale and applications may struggle to cope with new demand or errors might be made as different applications are integrated. Frontline has a specialist team on hand to ensure the smooth running of applications and their continued alignment with core business processes.


  • Our support team are skilled in C Sharp, SharePoint, SQL, RPG and Synon languages
  • Expert application development specialists on hand who can respond to any issue
  • Comprehensive application support for SAP, Sage and Power i applications to name a few
  • Deep understanding of software and underlying hardware to ensure a speedy resolution to issues
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  • Enable your IT to continue without disruption
  • Minimise risk to business disruption
  • Ensure your software supports you for the long term
  • Peace of mind from proactive action to avoid issues
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