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Four reasons to move up to SAP Business One Web Client

With over 70,000 customers world-wide, SAP Business One is the fastest growing ERP application in the world, and for good reason. It can be deployed in multiple languages and locations around the world and is used to address specific industry requirements across many verticals. Even niche processes within individual businesses can be focussed upon, making it the choice for many growing SME organisations. It’s now possible to manage a business directly from a browser in the web client version, delivering the ability to operate from anywhere with easy and intuitive navigation.

From accounting and financial management, purchasing, inventory, sales and customers relationships to reporting and analytics, SAP Business One provides greater control and delivers insights to businesses. Version 10 means that only a browser is required to access it for MS SQL and HANA customers – it’s as simple as adding a username and password on the login screen. It’s also easy for users to customise, so the home screen contains the information most important to them.

So why upgrade to a web browser version? We’ll give you four good reasons.

1. User simplicity: Based on the SAP Fiori design principles Web Client for Business One reads and writes from the same company database used with SAP Business One, giving the best of both worlds. However, via the web client it’s possible to create, process and update marketing documents and master data, create and track activities, manage document drafts and approvals, chart and create analytics content and put user-defined fields and tables and objects to the test. Simplification for the user is at the heart of the redesign with SAP keen to ensure it can be used without extensive training – use simplicity is the name of the game.

2. Deployment possibilities: The new web options provide side-by-side usability with an SAP Business One on-premise client. It offers an optimsed experience on either a tablet or computer with Chrome or Firefox web browsers. The regular SAP Business One menu including sales, purchases and analytics is on the home screen, as well as the enterprise search field with the ability to export and share results. There are also useful links to user guides and training too. It’s also possible to find other applications and assign them to personal menus with the browser making it simple to use from anywhere.

3. Web based financial management: The web client offers many enhancements across the financial modules with the ability to drill down into accounts, financial reporting and posting periods as well as improved rounding methods. For sales, users will be able to create quotations and orders and access analytics and critical reports. Business partner records are also included, alongside items and the item catalogue. There will also be tools to manage deliveries and returns within a browser.

4. Document management: With easier referencing and duplicating of documents, it’s much easier to refer documents together in previous versions and bind a transaction to something else. With a simple right click on a document – for example a sales order – documents can be referenced together or duplicated and edited for a new customer. It’s also possible to copy across the attachments where a document has been duplicated. This is relevant for sales orders, invoices, payments, deposits, production orders, timesheets and much more. And authorising the functionality is also possible.

It’s the perfect tool to manage a business directly from a browser, delivering more options for those employees who are hybrid working.

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