Keeping your data safe with Frontline's Cloud Backup service

Our Backup as a Service (Baas) solution helps reduce the risk of data loss through our remote backup service, securely storing your business data within the Frontline Cloud.

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Why use Frontline BaaS?

Have you ever asked what approach you would you take if all of the data stored at your primary site was lost or inaccessible? How long would your business last in a thriving competitive market if you had no customer data, financial records, or stock visibility? How up to date would your data need to be if you were forced to restore from a backup?

Natural disasters are possible. Data protection fines are probable. Cyber threat is undeniable. Whatever risk you value the most, data recovery and resilience should be at the forefront of your agenda.

What is the service?

Frontline Backup as a Service provides an offsite backup to the cloud. Should you encounter any issues with your primary site, you will have a safe copy of all of your important data in a separate physical location, ready to restore according to your disaster recovery plans.

The 3-2-1 Rule states that companies should keep three copies of their data, stored on two types of media, with one copy off site. However, getting backups off site can be a challenge, due to limited bandwidth, exploding data volumes, and the resources required to build or maintain a true off-site backup repository.

Experience Return on Integration

  • Provides easily accessible offsite backups of your business data
  • Adhere to data policies and customer SLAs
  • Ensure you remain compliant
  • Never risk losing your critical data

Back Up as a Service

Our range of cloud backup options includes agent based replication technology that allows for incremental or full backups. This solution is application aware, ensuring that any data restored is recovered in a consistent state.

This has the benefit of creating offsite copies of data which is then available to access through a centrally managed portal to extract and restore individual files, folders or servers as required by the customer.

Alternatively, Frontline can manage the entire process on behalf of the customer and create physical backup repositories within our datacentre.

Reporting and automated notification can be configured so that you have full visibility of each backup cycle as well as how much storage is being consumed.

Data encryption options are also available and the service scales at a price per GB that is commercially competitive and closely aligned with data volumes.

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Our Cloud Services


  • Fine tune both physical and virtual servers so the entire infrastructure is covered
  • Customers can access and manage their own backup and restoration through their own control panel if they wish
  • Various options available for target restore location; from virtual solutions through to physical hardware within Frontline’s datacentre
  • Reporting and automated notification can be configured so that you have full visibility of each backup cycle as well as how much storage is being consumed
  • Leveraging industry leading backup technology.
  • Built-in Wide Area Network acceleration tools and Forever Incremental backups, minimising unnecessary data transfer by intelligently selecting only changes to data for backup, rather than all data blocks. This means only one full backup is required initially, then minimal traffic and shorter backup periods, providing less ongoing strain on your network and bandwidth.
  • GFS (Grandfather-Father-Son) retention policies, providing intelligent archiving and rotation schemes, offering maximum term storage whilst using minimal space.


  • You don’t have to worry about buying or rotating tapes and hard drives, or the transportation to get the media offsite to a remote location for safekeeping.
  • No IT labour required to manage and troubleshoot backup systems.
  • Remove the cost of backup servers, tape drives, maintenance plans, or other hardware and software elements required to perform backup.
  • Satisfy the 3-2-1 Rule
  • Adhere to data policies and customer SLAs

Our Infrastructure

We deliver on-premise application integration, hosted services from our own UK datacentre and public cloud services through our software partnerships.

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Proven Methodology

We believe in creating connections. Our connected development methodology delivers connected ERP solutions and cloud services; integrated at all levels of your business and IT.

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