Web Portals for SAP Business One

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Web Portals for SAP Business One

This is a guest blog from Codeless Platforms (formerly Orbis Software)

With our “always-on” society, businesses need a flexible and efficient way for customers, suppliers and employees to access information and improve collaboration at their convenience. This is becoming even more applicable as the concept of self service is becoming more prevalent and expected from customers and businesses.

As such, many organisations are adopting a tried and tested method of addressing these demands by introducing customer and enterprise portals. Not exactly a new concept, but modern-day portals are extremely flexible, adaptable and can easily integrate with SAP Business One and any other business system within an organisation.

Web portals can provide organisations with greater control over day-to-day processes as well as be designed to replicate the look and feel of the business. Regardless of time or user location, a web portal can also be accessed quickly and easily on a desktop or mobile device.

Portals can provide users, such as customers, contractors and suppliers, with a secure, single point of access to company information that is relevant to them. Users can view and download important information like statements, price lists and marketing material. Customers can access orders, invoices, payments, deliveries and credit memos. Sales reps can also view this information if it relates to their customers, and vendors are able to view purchase orders, receipts, invoices and payments.

Customers can also place an order directly via a portal, including sales reps who can place an order on a customer’s behalf, as well as make a payment against open documents through a preferred payment gateway, which can then be automatically recorded in SAP Business One.

Web Portal Benefits

Portals can therefore provide a simple, yet effective one point of contact that can cover a multitude of business processes. The benefits of a web portal can typically include user satisfaction, improved access to important data and basic user login stats. However, most organisations that have deployed a web portal solution cite the following commercial benefits:

  • Provide users with 24/7 self-access to information
  • Removal of back office administration of data collected ‘off site’
  • Improved decision making with real-time information
  • Stronger relationships and improved communication
  • Access on desktop and mobile devices
  • Provide a scalable IT licensing option

Integration with SAP Business One

With the addition of BPA Platform, portal software can be easily integrated with SAP Business One, enabling organisations to automate the transfer of data between the two systems in real-time. For example, pushing item and pricing data from SAP Business One to the portal along with information such as orders, invoices, receipts, etc. Orders generated, and payments made in the portal, can be automatically pushed into SAP Business One.

If you have any questions about web portals or SAP Business One in general then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.

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