Turbocharge your Power i applications with IBM Power8

Frontline can help you in your Power8 journey, from planning to migration and maintenance.

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Dramatically minimising business risk

Access the latest technology from IBM without compromising the availability and reliability of your business operations.

Business built on IBM technology want to access the cost savings and increased productivity of newer hardware without the risk to downtime and disruption of upgrading. Frontline understands this, and helps you to smoothly transition to Power8 through our comprehensive approach to service transition.

How we can help you

Dramatic increases in power availability from newer processors and reduced hardware prices have made it unnecessary to tolerate limited capacity and poor performance. Lower IBM software pricing for increased power, reduced maintenance costs and increased productivity now mean that an upgrade is often justifiable on cost savings alone.

Frontline can help you plan, migrate and integrate IBM Power8 technology.

Experience Return on Integration

  • Increase IT productivity
  • Reduce hardware costs
  • IT can align with operations
  • Minimised disruption to business

Power Infrastructure

IBM’s Power servers and their predecessors have a well-deserved reputation for being solid, robust and incredibly reliable. As a result they are often left alone to sit in the corner and quietly do their job. Yet on older equipment performance is often limited and users tolerate gradually deteriorating response times. Furthermore, the reliability lulls us into a false sense of security in that the system will never fail – however all businesses must plan for how they maintain their mission critical applications over the long term.

Frontline can work with you to determine the best replacement system to fit your requirements and budget – whilst always following our proven methodology for migration and service transition to ensure minimised downtime to business activities.

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  • Unleash the power of your applications by upgrading to the latest technology from IBM
  • Frontline’s experience across the full IBM stack, from AS/400 through to iSeries and System i means that we have the experience necessary to deliver successful migrations
  • Dramatic increase in performance – often reducing batch job run times from hours to minutes
  • Dedicated IBM support consultants focused on IBM systems and legacy software maintenance
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  • Increase IT productivity to enable your business to work faster
  • Reduce hardware costs and associated maintenance costs by upgrading and consolidating infrastructure
  • IT can align with operations; supporting business demands with latest technology
  • Minimised disruption to business through carefully planned migrations

Our Infrastructure

We deliver on-premise application integration, hosted services from our own UK datacentre and public cloud services through our software partnerships.

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Proven Methodology

We believe in creating connections. Our connected development methodology delivers connected ERP solutions and cloud services; integrated at all levels of your business and IT.

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