Streamline Your Supply Chain With EDI

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Streamline Your Supply Chain With EDI

We are all used to lighting fast exchanges of data within an organisation however this is often slowed down once data needs to be communicated to an external party. Traditionally when data reaches the edge of a business it needs to be converted from a digital format into analogue and is typically exchanged via email, phone, mail or by being keyed into a website or portal. This manual process is also required to be reversed from the external parties’ end which often involves re-keying the information into their own systems.
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These processes can cause many inefficiencies, reduce productivity and are also open to human error. A key area that is affected by the above is with regards to stock control within the retail environment.

Out of stock situations is something that can have a serious impact on a retail company’s profitability, if a product you are looking for is not available from one retailer, typically consumers will go to another retailer or not purchase anything at all, resulting in a loss of sale.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) automates this data exchange process to reduce inefficiencies and streamline the supply chain.

OpenText GXS

Frontline work with OpenText GXS to support your EDI requirements. GXS operate one of the largest EDI networks worldwide processing nearly 50% of the EDI messages sent globally with over 400,000 customers.
GXS work with a range of companies from SMEs through to 70% of the Fortune 500 companies including, ASDA, Sainsbury, ALDI, Amazon, Homebase, Marks and Spencer and Tesco amongst many others.

As your business grows you can move up the Freeway range, integrate with your ERP system and even build a complete trading community.

The EDI software products available in the Freeway product range are:

Freeway Entry – the entry level software solution for suppliers whose customers require them to do electronic trading. This is a simple, off-the-shelf, standalone EDI solution for suppliers.
Freeway Professional – provides all the features of the Freeway Entry software solution plus integration with your accounting and order processing systems. This off-the shelf solution for suppliers integrates EDI with your accounting software saves you time and reduces human error by avoiding re-keying of EDI data in order to produce an invoice.
Freeway Complete – a fully packaged, future proof solution including Freeway Professional EDI software, installation, maintenance, up to 5 trading partner kits, 2 ASN connections, 2 ASN turnaround kits, 3 back-office integration modules and more. Freeway Complete is ideal for small to mid-size companies requiring a fully packaged solution. Larger companies with low EDI volumes can also use it standalone or as a front-end translator to applications running on other platforms.

Freeway Cloud – a comprehensive, hosted cloud EDI solution for companies that want to trade with a larger community or create a completely new trading community.

EDI for SAP Business One

As SAP gold partners, Frontline have developed EDI for SAP Business One which further improves your company’s efficiency by integrating the GXS EDI with SAP Business One.
With an integrated EDI and business management solution, supply chain efficiency is improved, resulting in a lower cost of ownership and higher productivity.
Automatic data synchronisation between trading partners and SAP Business One is fast and accurate, streamlining your business process saving time and cost.

If you have any questions about EDI for SAP Business One or any wider SAP Business One questions then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.


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