Speedy, secure communications with Frontline’s IP Transit solution

Network communications solutions from Frontline to increase security and speed whilst reducing cost and complexity.

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Our IP Transit service offers traffic routing control and performance driven routing to ensure both Information Security as well as limiting bandwidth considerations and potentially costs arising from other hosting arrangements.

What we do

Our IP Transit service puts speed and security at the top of any network consideration by intelligently routing between private and public pathways based on traffic control and shortest / fastest routes.  This also has a benefit of making sure that Internet bound traffic is reduced to a minimum which helps reduce cost and increase overall performance.

This solution is for customers looking at other options for the intelligent routing of data across LANs and WANs instead of the traditional publicly routed solutions.

Our Infrastructure

We deliver on-premise application integration, hosted services from our own UK datacentre and public cloud services through our software partnerships.

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Proven Methodology

We believe in creating connections. Our connected development methodology delivers connected ERP solutions and cloud services; integrated at all levels of your business and IT.

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  • Speed of routing across peering networks is significantly improved
  • Information security and data sovereignty is guaranteed across the private networks
  • Performance benefits are achieved with routing across far faster and less contended links that typical business connectivity links

Benefits to IP Transit

  • Reduce overall cost by increasing IP peering for faster, private routing.
  • Reduce Internet routing costs by minimising traffic which is destined for public routing
  • Line activation via Data Centre links is far faster and vastly reduced provisioning time
  • Scalability and bursting far quicker to implement
  • Choice of IP service provider enablement for existing MPLS connectivity