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How can you ensure your business keeps functioning if you encounter an IT issue?

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Business Continuity

What would happen to your business if your entire IT operations suffered an outage? How long could your business continue to function without IT? And, how much would a period of downtime cost your business?

Although most businesses consider their Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in terms of time taken to resume IT system avalibility, there is also the constantly changing landscape of other considerations such as VOIP, External e-mail, DNS changes, EDI and other supply chain links and communications, site enablement, support desk avalibility and all of the above within an acceptable time frame and with seemeless connectivity to your staff, business systems and third parties – that isn’t just turn it off and back on again.

Does your BCP cater for complete site failure, where will staff relocate to, how will systems speak to your sustomers or supply cain and will your devices be able to connect to the IT systems once back on?

If you’re unsure, or the answer is no, you need to reconsider your BCP strategy and Frontline can help you with that.

Importance of Business Continuity

Without IT, businesses just can’t operate. Our Business Continuity services ensure that you have a suitable business continuity plan in place for your IT.

BCP isn’t just about IT systems. A BCP enables a business to fully plan and consider the re-enablement of the entire business processes using IT as a facilitator to resume service, but that is only a part of it. Many other aspects of your day to day interaction with IT systems is catered for in most businesses DR strategy. A BCP takes this more traditional view of getting back up and running, but overlays all of the critical processes that must be in place for your business to function.

Experience Return on Integration

  • Continued operations what ever the circumstance
  • Ideally, in the event of an outage, be back up and running within minutes
  • Responsive IT without any delay
  • Reduced chance of damage to client satisfaction or data loss

Never miss a beat

Ensure you have the appropriate Business Continuity plan in place, that suits your IT, your business and your customers.

If your business is dependent on IT, it is critical that it doesn’t let you down. No one can guard against every outage but you can have a plan in place to respond with agility and speed to any potential issue so that your business never misses a beat.

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  • Frontline Business Continuity specialists can review your environment and current procedures and put in place a comprehensive Business Continuity plan, covering Disaster Recovery, Failover capabilities and backup
  • Frontline can provide a range of backup services to ensure your data is safe
  • We have a specialist team who can help you to create the right disaster recovery solution – whether that’s on-premise, at another of your datacentres, or hosted within Frontline’s own enterprise datacentre
  • Once you identify your RTO and RPO, Frontline can work with you to develop an architecture that most closely matches your objectives for time, point and cost.
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  • Be assured that your business can continue operation, whatever the circumstance
  • Ideally, in the event of an outage, your business can be back up and running within minutes
  • Automate key processes so that your IT responds without delay
  • Reduce potential of damage to client satisfaction or data loss in the event of downtime

Our Infrastructure

We deliver on-premise application integration, hosted services from our own UK datacentre and public cloud services through our software partnerships.

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Proven Methodology

We believe in creating connections. Our connected development methodology delivers connected ERP solutions and cloud services; integrated at all levels of your business and IT.

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