Gain clarity over your business’ internal security position

Our Internal Security Scan gives you a clear understanding of your current security position in one simple to digest report.

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Threats originating internally

Sometimes security threats originate from inside, not outside, the business – and you need to have a plan in place to proactively manage and prevent these issues occurring.

This can often be accidental; the product of weak passwords and lack of security procedure amongst staff – but can be damaging all the same.

Utilising industry recognised software, a series of scans are performed at varying levels to identify any weaknesses or exposures within the internal infrastructure. These can be man-made weaknesses, a result of poor housekeeping, allocation of incorrect access to staff, as well as malicious code, out of date software or known remote access tools that have found their way into your environment to allow an external party have direct access into your estate.

We can conduct regular scans and reviews of your environment to give you clarity on your current internal security levels, and remove any potential risk from occurring within your business.

Internal Security Scan

Reduce risk to business operations through better visibility of your current security systems, procedures and policies internally – ensuring you are safest where you are most vulnerable.

Our Infrastructure

We deliver on-premise application integration, hosted services from our own UK datacentre and public cloud services through our software partnerships.

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Proven Methodology

We believe in creating connections. Our connected development methodology delivers connected ERP solutions and cloud services; integrated at all levels of your business and IT.

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