Do you understand vendor risk management?

With so many businesses allowing network access to third party vendors, many additional avenues of exploitation are being investigated by cyber criminals, where they sneak into your network via trusted routes.

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Frontline exWatch is a vendor risk management service that enables customers to identify their external security posture (as visible to the outside world) by identifying misconfiguration, absent patches, compromised credentials and known exploits (amongst other things) that may occur via their external network. Your position is given a security rating, so we can monitor downwards and upwards trends.

Customers subscribed to the exWatch service are scanned daily and a report is produced each month using standard processes, tools, and policies. A negative change in security rating is communicated during the month to help identify changes that may have led to a drop in your security rating. Then informed decisions can be made on next steps.

‘Pivoting’ is the term given when a cyber-criminal exploits a third party network to enable them to then traverse into your network via trusted routes. This is fast becoming one of the most common methods of malicious activity, and as such, appropriate measures must be taken by all businesses to ensure that third parties have also taken the appropriate security measures. You may trust a third party with a function, but the security and responsibility for your data will always remain with you.

Our Infrastructure

  • Monthly Reporting on security status.
  • Automatic verification of security compliance for each piece of software installed or system brought into production.
  • Identification of at risk services and systems with early identification of system vulnerabilities.
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  • Never be in the dark, always be aware of your external security rating.
  • Be made aware of issues and vulnerabilities in a controlled manner (enabling you to remediate under change management processes).
  • Improve server productivity by minimising downtime due to vulnerabilities.
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