Ensure all devices are secure and safe

Did you know that 50% of all current internet traffic goes to or from a mobile device?

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Frontline dWatch is a mobile device management service that enables greater control and protection of your mobile assets. Designed to centrally manage mobile devices (such as tablets and smartphones) running iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows and macOS.

Applications are routinely patched and updated, and any data held is encrypted – thereby rendering the device useless for anyone trying to obtain information from a lost or stolen device. Any lost devices can be easily located, locked and wiped, and this feature can be undone if the device is eventually found and returned to the owner.

In most cases mobile devices are excluded from corporate policy (such as antivirus protection, password complexity and change frequency) and with so much customer and company data being accessible from mobiles and tablets, the importance of mobile device management is more relevant than ever.

The primary purpose of this service is to ensure that the mobile device is managed centrally and securely, offering granular policy based control over your corporate assets whilst also restricting installation of unwanted applications.


  • Full remote device manageability.
  • Application management and patching.
  • Secure Mobile e-mail.
  • Attachments can be locked down for view only.
  • Secure mobile chat ensures secure communication between the individuals.
  • Secure browser to restrict or whitelist website content.
  • VPN capabilities direct from the mobile device can allow secure access to your infrastructure.
  • Device patching and updating.
  • Identity management to centralise credentials and allow a single sign on (SSO) experience.
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  • Full visibility of risks and vulnerabilities unique to each device.
  • Easy management, even with BYOD.
  • Protect your customer and business data, and Satisfy Data Protection regulations.
  • Centrally controlled devices – change once and apply to all, rather than change each device.
  • Free up your resources to focus on your primary business.
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