Your network could be under attack, but how would you ever know?

Frontline bWatch can help stop potential attacks before they do any damage....

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If your network starts to behave abnormally, you could be experiencing the early effects of a malicious attack. Frontline bWatch is a network visualisation and behavioural analysis service that employs a combination of machine learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and security expertise.

In simple terms, the service uses state of the art technology to intelligently monitor traffic in and out of your network, and learns the standard behaviour and processes that occur within your infrastructure on a daily basis. Alerts are triggered to show potential malicious activity when anything deviates from the norm, allowing our security experts to analyse and advise on next steps so that your business can stay ahead of any potential cyber threats.


  • The visualisation process allows unparalleled visibility into access of and transfer of information in and around the network as well as into and out of the organisation.
  • Measurement of access within a customer environment.
  • Machine learning and AI to allow a ‘normal baseline’ to be determined (making anomalies easier to identify).
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  • Early identification of malicious activity so that your business can stay ahead of any potential attacks.
  • Detection of unauthorised use of administrative credentials, access to devices and malicious activity (i.e. a zero day vulnerability).
  • Notification of high data transfer volume within, into and out of the network.
  • Data breach identification and early detection/notification.
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