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Sales in SAP Business One

Sales in SAP Business One

SAP Business One provides all of the tools to help efficiently manage your entire sales process and customer lifecycle. From quotes to orders to deliveries to invoices, SAP Business One offers all of the required functions to easily manage the whole order-to-payment process.

Any marketing document in the sales process provides great flexibility. Subtotals can be created, free form text can be inserted, and it is also possible to display recommended alternative items. Gross profit can be calculated for each document and last sales prices offered can be viewed easily. Once a document is created, users can easily export to Microsoft Word.

Sales order entry provides a full view of an item’s stock position in multiple warehouses when a shortage arises. Available-to-promise functionality ensures the order taker can choose from a list of alternative items, or allow items to be partially delivered. Multiple delivery dates and ship-to addresses for each line item can also be specified even providing auto creation of a back-to-back purchase if required.

During the delivery process, the shipping department can generate the necessary packaging documentation. Tracking information and shipping status details are easily accessed whilst warehouse quantities are also automatically updated when a delivery is made. A return can be processed in multiple ways; with or without credit or even for repair returns using the returns documents.

The sales invoice automatically creates a corresponding journal entry. As a result, users can create an automatic receipt if the customer pays part of the invoice immediately.

A powerful dunning wizard handles multiple letters per customer and maintains a complete history. The wizard can be executed at regular intervals, such as monthly or weekly, to check all outstanding customer invoices.


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