SAP Business One Version 8.82 End of Support

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SAP Business One Version 8.82 End of Support

SAP has announced that version 8.82 of SAP Business One will reach end of support on the 30th June 2015.

SAP are continually developing and improving the Business One software with the latest release being version 9.1 which you can take a closer look at here. With a long term roadmap currently stretching to 2018 and beyond for the SAP Business One software, older versions do reach end of support.

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What does this mean?

Don’t worry, when you come into work on the 1st of July, your SAP Business One software will not have stopped working, however SAP will have stopped releasing upgrades, patches and bug fixes to the 8.82 version.

Should there be any issues with your system from the 1st July Frontline will provide support on a best endeavours basis, however, we will not be able to escalate any issues to SAP.

In addition to the SAP Business One software being unsupported, you may also find a number of add on solutions will no longer being supported if you are running version 8.82.

What to do next

If you are currently running SAP Business One on version 8.82 or below, it is time to start planning for the future. Take a look at the features and functionality available within the latest version of SAP Business One, 9.1.

Running a supported release of the SAP Business One software is crucial in order for companies to mitigate their risk and continue to experience the benefits of the significant research and development invested by SAP in the Business One product.

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