SAP Business One Report and Document Automation

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SAP Business One Report and Document Automation

This is a guest blog from Stuart Tarrant at Orbis Software

How much time do your employees spend creating and sending reports and documents?

Traditional documents still form the backbone of structured business communications and transactions, whether they’re reports, letters, order acknowledgements, invoices or statements. Consistent management reporting ensures compliance procedures are adhered to, decision makers are empowered and that company performance can be monitored, analysed and improved.

Proactive stock level reporting is a critical success factor to businesses involved within the manufacturing, sale or movement of goods. Without effective reporting delays can occur, stock can perish and customers may suffer poor customer service.

Standard or company specific financial reports can often require contribution from multiple departments, for example, waste reports from production. Multiple points of contribution adds complexity, repetitive administration and errors to the reporting process.

Campaign, KPI and sales performance reports provide valuable insights into company strengths and weaknesses. However, these reports can be time consuming to produce and often require data from multiple databases.

How much time do your employees waste creating and sending reports and documents? Is this a cost you could live without?

Improving Reporting Processes with TaskCentre

The creation, distribution and management of business reports are commonplace activities for management personnel and administrative staff alike, but can be time-consuming and prone to errors. By automating reporting procedures on a scheduled basis or business event you ensure that business rules are enforced, repetitive administration and reporting errors are removed and that decision makers have the most current information to analyse.

TaskCentre provides the platforms and tools that enable organisations to connect existing applications and systems, which can automatically generate and distribute document flows, to all the company’s stakeholders and trading partners. This can eradicate costly employee administration, ensuring compliance and improving data visibility. TaskCentre can automate the creation and delivery of practically any report enabling managers and decision makers to focus on identifying data insights or opportunities.

TaskCentre can automate the creation and delivery of financial, sales and marketing reports regardless of which business application the data resides within. It will also run reports to your exact business rules, as well as automate the creation and delivery of stock level reports on either a scheduled basis or business event, such as a large order being placed. Employees can therefore benefit from less administration and produce 100% accurate reports.

Is TaskCentre for SAP Business One right for you?

Automating departmental reporting procedures can eradicate repetitive administration, safeguard against human errors, increase the visibility of information and improve management decision-making. Frontline has been supplying TaskCentre forSAP Business One for many years and is an expert in delivering a visible ROI for its customers. However, if you would like an impartial view on TaskCentre, why not ask to speak with one of the many Frontline customers that are currently enjoying the benefits of TaskCentre for SAP Business One?

If you would like to find out more about how TaskCentre can be used to automate the creation and distribution of your reports and documents then give a member of the SAP B1 Team a call today.

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