SAP Business One 9.2 In Video

Take a more visual look at the new functionality you can expect with SAP Business One 9.2

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SAP Business One 9.2 In Video

Towards the end of last year we published a blog discussing the release highlights in SAP Business One Version 9.2. This blog builds on that and takes a more visual look at the new functionality you can expect. The following video’s take a look at just some of the enhancements in Version 9.2.

Browser Access
Browser Access offers simple remote access for on-premise customers. Securely access SAP Business One 9.2 from any location with a compatible browser.

Data Ownership
In SAP Business One 9.2, data ownership management now includes Business Partner Master Data providing greater control and flexibility in managing business partners.

Fixed Assets – Virtual Item
Fixed assets in SAP Business One 9.2 introduces the virtual fixed assets concept.

Interactive Analysis Report Designer
Check out the new Microsoft Excel based report designer tool for SAP Business One 9.2, version for SAP HANA.

Pervasive Analytics Designer
Check out the enhancements to the Pervasive Analytics Designer for SAP Business One 9.2 giving users more flexibility to analyse data and build powerful dashboards.

Prices Update Wizard
Maintaining price updates has become much simpler and easier using the new Price Update wizard in SAP Business One 9.2.

Production Enhancements 
In SAP Business One 9.2, basic production capacity management allows you to monitor standard production costings and facilitates budget to actual cost comparison. Enhanced resource allocation enables accurate planning.

User Defined Fields and System Tables
In SAP Business One 9.2, when adding a UDF to an SAP Business One table, you can now link it to a system table which allows you to create new and flexible business scenarios.

Project Management

See the new project management feature in SAP Business One 9.2 which combines both financial and project management data in one solution and centralises all project related transactions, documents, resources and activities in one place.

If you have any questions about the topics discussed in this blog or SAP Business One in general, then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.

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