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SAP Anywhere

The SAP Partner update took place last week live from their North American headquarters in Newton Square. It was great to see Business One featured so highly on the bill and receiving a significant amount of air time from some senior figures at SAP. Along with the continued year on year growth of SAP Business One users, a key highlight discussed was the launch of SAP Anywhere.

SAP Anywhere is a front office solution designed for SMEs that helps manage sales, marketing, e-commerce and inventory within one system. It enables companies to deliver a consistent customer experience beginning with online and offline promotions and extending through shopping, sales and service. SAP Anywhere is provided as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application and can be accessed via mobile devices or desktops. The solution was successfully launched in China with a UK and US launch due next on the roadmap.

What Does It Do?

With SAP Anywhere SMEs can do the following using their mobile devices or desktops-

  • Design and manage marketing campaigns
  • Manage leads and sales opportunities
  • Enable commerce that offers a consistent customer experience online and in-store
  • Process online and in-store orders through a single system
  • Gain insight into what’s being sold through which channel in real time
  • Have a complete view of all customer interactions

SAP Anywhere is a complementary solution for SAP Business One targeted at both B2B and B2C retailers and wholesale distributors. It manages the customer management process (front-end) whilst SAP Business One takes care of the ERP (back-end).

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SAP Anywhere Functionality

Order Processing

Order processing function lets a business manage B2B and B2C operations in one system with highly configurable business processes. Order processing also offers shipping integration and multi-currency invoice and payment processing.

Inventory Management

Manages inventory in real time across multiple stores, an online store and warehouses at the SKU and product variant level. Additionally, businesses can manage inventory replenishment for all channels through the same system.

On-line Store

The SAP Anywhere online store is easily configurable using one of the pre-defined responsive themes. The online store is integrated to multiple payment options and displays inventory availability in real time helping businesses save sales.

Mobile POS

The mobile POS solution is a native app that works both online and offline to allow a business to capture a sale anywhere. The mobile POS also offers a digital catalogue for the moments a business wants to show, but not necessarily sell.


Sales management in SAP Anywhere includes a graphic based pipeline manager that can be used on any device. The Sales feature also includes a robust customer engagement system that helps businesses track all the important details that will help them win and retain customers.

Marketing Campaigns

Sending marketing campaigns through SAP Anywhere is seamless because of the integration with email service providers, Mail Chimp and Constant Contact and because email campaigns are highly targeted, businesses will be able to see a return on investment.


Data collected from the various business functions within the solution will create insights to help businesses win new clients and better serve existing ones. Analytics are presented in visual dashboards to help users grasp information with one glance.


SAP Anywhere is highly configurable and designed for a small business to launch a system with big business functionality within two weeks.

After-Sales Service

Equipped with both a knowledge base and service case centre so that businesses can easily track customer feedback whether it is online, in store or over the phone.

Once the details have been firmed up in regards to the UK launch along with the pricing, we will let you know. In the meantime, if you have any questions about SAP Anywhere or SAP Business One in general, then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.

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