Sage X3 is now Sage Enterprise Management

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Sage X3 is now Sage Enterprise Management

Sage X3 is now Sage Enterprise Management. And it’s still highly recommended.

At Frontline we have long recommended Sage X3 as one of the most suitable ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) solutions for mid-sized companies, especially mid-sized companies, and those with complex financial, distribution or manufacturing requirements

You may have heard that X3 has been renamed, or you may simply be puzzled as to why X3 seems to have disappeared. So here are the facts.

Sage X3 is now Sage Enterprise Management. The good news is that it is still the same excellent ‘whole business’ solution, easily adaptable to different sizes and types of organisation. Only the name has changed. The reasoning behind the new branding is that it more accurately reflects the type and level of business for which it is designed, and places the product within the whole Sage family of ERP products. The range as a whole is now named Sage Business Cloud.

Overdue for a refresh

The old X3 name was carried over from when Sage bought the product in 2005 which at the time was called Adonix X3, so it’s probably about time this globally popular product had a makeover.

Part of the Sage ecosystem

By rebadging all of its ERP solutions as Sage Business Cloud, the company is able to promote them all as a single scalable ecosystem, within which companies can grow and evolve from start-up to fully-fledged enterprise without having to change technology supplier. As your business develops, you can move seamlessly from one Sage solution to another by adding additional components.

Why choose Sage Enterprise Management?

The right ERP solution enables you to streamline your business processes and stay in control by co-ordinating all your business data from different departments and functions. Joined up thinking enables management to make better informed decisions and to monitor and respond to problems and opportunities more quickly.

Furthermore, because it’s a cloud-based system, you can stay in touch with your data using mobile devices anywhere in the world using the simple, intuitive dashboard.

At Frontline we have a close working relationship with Sage and over two decades worth of experience in implementing ERP systems for a variety of businesses. Whether you’ve already decided on Sage or simply want expert advice on choosing the right ERP solution, talk to the Frontline team first. We’ll ensure you get the full benefit and the best possible return on your investment.


Sage Enterprise Management