Purpose‐built datacentres across the UK, operated by some of Britain’s brightest IT professionals

Our enterprise‐class infrastructure allows us to deliver managed services, cloud solutions and hosted ERP software to our clients wherever they’re located.

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Our Enterprise Class Infrastucture

At the heart of our infrastructure design is a determination to bring true enterprise class architecture to all of our Customers. This includes many standard Data Centre branded technologies to provide a mixture of connectivity through tiered providers, internal networks that operate at 10Gbps, latest fibre storage architectures, advanced virtualisation design and Data Centre class firewall and security. 

All of these technologies embed within the principles and pillars of our products, services and support to bring you the scalability, stability and security needed for an intelligently designed IT architecture.

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How we deliver

Unlike many cloud providers, we have a large team of technical specialists in‐house to deliver your technology solution including a well‐resourced helpdesk and a support team that operates 24/7, all from our centres in the UK.

Our own UK datacentres.

We run dedicated datacentres to house our customers’ mission‐critical applications, along with many other business applications. Our breadth of expertise across all levels and ages of hardware and software means that we are a safe pair of hands when deciding who to trust with your IT. We also offer colocation solutions to businesses who want a secure facility from which to deliver their own IT services.

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Total security, both physical and digital.

In addition to the physical security of our Data Centres via CCTV and onsite out‐of‐hours staff and security guards, Frontline also ensure that within our design, that networking and security devices are a minimum of N+1, allowing for resilience and protection across all layers of our design.

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Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud services.

We offer both multiple cloud environments, depending on your needs. Our 24/7 manned datacentres with enterprise security facilities offer a range of solutions to every business, from hosted applications, through to fully outsourced IT environments and the integration of private and public cloud solutions such as Amazon Web Services to create hybrid cloud solutions.


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Specialist hosted enterprise resource planning.

We have a proven track‐record delivering ERP solutions to small and medium businesses. We partner closely with SAP and SAGE to build hosted business management solutions for clients. We can deliver service on‐premise at our clients’ sites or via managed service delivery from Frontline’s purpose‐built datacentre facilities in the UK.

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The most complete support package you’ll find.

Across‐application support and ongoing maintenance through to onsite hardware support and remote monitoring services, we have a proven approach to support delivery to help you get the most out of your IT. Our comprehensive, in‐house service support desk works the same hours that you do and are based in the UK. That means fast response times and easy communication.

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Projects Management Office that delivers ROI.

Frontline have a dedicated project management office (PMO) that governs every piece of work we undertake with our customers. The PMO ensures consistent high quality project delivery and communication.

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