MetaPack Integration with SAP Business One

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MetaPack Integration with SAP Business One

This is a guest blog from Orbis Software

MetaPack is a useful web-based (SaaS) delivery management system for retailers, 3PLs and carriers, providing a single point of integration to 300 carrier networks and 3,500 delivery services.

The MetaPack platform provides the appropriate range of delivery options, identifies the most suitable carrier service for each delivery and provides visibility and control: these strengthen customer service, consumer loyalty and longer term carrier relationships. Supply chain processes are made more efficient, multi-channel and cross border solutions are more tenable.
If your business uses SAP Business One, inputting orders into SAP from MetPack and extracting delivery information from it will be a time-consuming and costly administration process.

Synchronising data between MetaPack and SAP Business One

Order fulfilment is a critical element of your business operations. Orders taken from your eCommerce store and SAP Business One will require a dedicated employee to manually extract customer data and re-key this information with MetaPack.

It’s not just orders that need to be synchronised between systems. MetaPack provides key information such as tracking numbers and delivery notifications. The downside is that putting this information to good use eats in to valuable employee time and is another administration task that they could do without.

Removing the manual processes by automatically extracting orders from your business systems and seamlessly pushing all of the data into MetaPack for fulfilment reduces administration costs and improves productivity. Having the ability to automatically retrieve all relevant delivery details such as tracking numbers and delivery notifications, and pushing this information into SAP Business One, enables you to automatically identify intelligent data on shipping trends, faults or delivery failures. Automated data reports generated in MetaPack, such as carrier performance, can be distributed to aid service selection, further reducing the time employees spend manually disseminating data from multiple databases.

Gaining full visibility of returns data

Customers expect a proficient returns service. MetaPack provides users with a returns portal that can facilitate this for you. However, this data needs to be manually processed across all business applications to improve visibility and ensure stock levels are up-to-date.

Business process automation software can automatically retrieve all returns data from MetaPack and enter this information into SAP Business One, as well as automatically update your warehouse and associated eCommerce stores.

What business processes can be automated?

• Automatically push orders from business systems to MetaPack
• Automatically pull delivery data back from MetaPack and update SAP Business One
• Automatically update all business systems such as eCommerce web stores – including returns data
• Automate the creation and distribution of intelligent data and reports

How to achieve MetaPack integration

MetaPack integration with SAP Business One can be achieved by implementing the TaskCentre Business Process Management suite to sit in between your business systems. TaskCentre for SAP Business One can be tailored to suit exact business requirements to ensure that orders are instantly processed for fulfilment to prevent administrative headaches being pushed further down the line.

Would you like to see?

• Significant improvement in order fulfilment times
• Improved employee productivity
• Increased visibility of sales and deliveries

To find out more about TaskCentre’s MetaPack integration solution with SAP Business One give a member of the SAP B1 Team a call today.

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