Why Manufacturing Customers Choose Sage Enterprise Management

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Why Manufacturing Customers Choose Sage Enterprise Management

If you are a manufacturing company and need to upgrade your old ERP system, read on.


Sage Enterprise Management for manufacturers

Whether you are a process manufacturer or a discrete manufacturer Sage Enterprise Management (formally X3) could be the ideal solution for your outdated enterprise resource planning software. ERPs usually have an average lifecycle of around ten years. Putting this into context, do you want to be using software that is ten years out of date? Think about all the advancements that have been made in the last ten years!

Has Sage Enterprise Management changed names?

Yes, you may formally know Sage Enterprise Management as Sage X3. Sage has rebranded the X3 product to Sage Enterprise Management to give customers a more specific reference for what type of business they are looking to attract. Sage has now brought all their cloud products under the name Sage Business Cloud including Sage Enterprise Management.


Why manufacturers choose Sage Enterprise Management

A Contemporary ERP

Manufacturers choose Sage Enterprise Management because it is more flexible than traditional ERP solutions. As well as a specific manufacturing module seven other modules will maximise and integrate your business ecosystem.

Adapts to Business Needs

Sage Enterprise Management continually adapts to your manufacturing business needs. Real-time access to your business information on user-friendly dashboards will keep you in control of your production schedules.

Efficient Processes

The processes that manufacturers need to improve overall efficiency are standard in Sage Enterprise Management. Quality assurance processes, multi lingual, multi currency and capacity planning systems will improve your efficiency.

Choose Sage Enterprise Management because it is more flexible, adapts to specific manufacturing needs and will improve your overall efficiency.


How Sage Enterprise Management helps different types of manufacturers

Sage is one of the world leaders in producing specifically targeted solutions through their ERP systems. Whatever type of manufacturer you are, Sage Enterprise Management will have the solution to your problem.

Let’s look at two key manufacturing types, and how Sage Enterprise Management can streamline your processes and drive productivity.

Process Manufacturing

Whether you are a manufacturing company in the fields of; food and beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, or consumer packaged goods, Sage Enterprise Management will effectively manage your processes.

Future Flexibility Proof

Innovation is the key to keeping relevant in whatever industry you are part of. Industries such as food and beverage and pharmaceuticals are under constant pressure to keep up with new food trends or produce different antibiotics to combat mutating superbugs.

Sage Enterprise Management solutions to Future Flexibility Proof

A quick turnaround of new initiative products will need total visibility to the changing of formulas, recipes and the new development costs.

Minimises the risk of recall by ensuring compliance with all industry regulatory, quality and safety standards.

 Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturers face specific challenges to processes and tracking systems. The areas of automotive parts, machinery components and electronics to name but a few will need flexible solutions to those challenges.

Hyper Operational Efficiency  

Sage Enterprise Management will accelerate your workflows, supply chain and processes. Businesses such as machinery components makers and small electronics companies, need to get their products to market in the shortest time possible while keeping the costs down.

Sage Enterprise Management solutions to Hyper Operational Efficiency  

Achieving a greater consistency and minimising bottlenecks will accelerate your workflows with automated finite capacity planning.

Sage Enterprise Management can provide real-time factory floor information. This will benefit your knowledge of what stage the product is at, so you can then inform your customer on specific time-to-market data.


Why Choose Frontline for Sage Enterprise Management?

We are a Sage Accredited Partner with over 27 years experience supporting the ERP needs of SMEs. Whether you are looking for Sage Enterprise Management in the cloud or on premise our team of experts are here to help. Contact us today to see how Sage Enterprise Management could help your manufacturing business.