IT Availability

Give proper care and attention to how they ensure availability and backup this new virtual landscape.

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IT Availability

This is a featured blog from Frontline Solutions Architect, James Robertson.

Alongside ‘cloud’ and other recent buzzwords, you’ve probably heard ‘availability’ mentioned, but what does this really mean to your company?

A lot of businesses now expect their IT environment to be available 24/7/365. No longer is it acceptable to have any downtime, whether planned or un-planned.

As businesses have moved to virtualise their old hardware, often they have not given proper care and attention to how they ensure availability and backup this new virtual landscape.

All too often, legacy backup software such as Backup Exec is being used to ineffectively protect virtualised server environments. Whereas Backup Exec and other legacy systems will tolerate the virtual world, software like Veeam embraces it and takes it to the next level.

In a traditional backup architecture, you may have talked about RPO and RTO (recovery point objective and recovery time objective) in weeks and days but we should now rarely be talking about anything more than seconds and minutes.

The below illustration shows how backups and availability have evolved – unfortunately many businesses are still working with something similar to the middle option.

 IT Availability blog image

There are many different approaches to backup in the present day but the current mantra you may have heard is the 3-2-1 system:

  • 3 copies of your data (1 primary and 2 backup)
  • 2 types of storage (i.e local and network)
  • 1 copy stored offsite (i.e the Frontline cloud)

If you are still running Backup Exec, Commvault, Acronis or any other legacy backup software, get in touch today and discover how Frontline can help you modernise your IT environment and give you the 24/7/365 availability you need.

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