Is Hosting Right For Your Business

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Is Hosting Right For Your Business

Hosting allows you to move a particular function of your IT systems hardware, or all of it, into a datacentre.

This can be either your kit in the datacentre, the hosting providers kit running your environment in an isolated manner or a shared resource architecture where you are provided with your systems securely available to only you and your staff.

Hosting is the alternative to an on premise solution where all hardware and software runs from within your own on-site computer room. All power, hardware, maintenance, support, heating and cooling, environmental monitoring and security are your company’s responsibility.

Benefits of Hosting


Access to the industry leading support staff with the highest accreditation’s in their respective fields, ensures that potential issues are diagnosed quickly and solved with minimal disruption to your business.

Your internal IT resources can be reallocated so that they can focus on more productive business areas.


Your systems are covered by enterprise class monitoring and security systems to protect against both physical and online threats ensuring business continuity.

This can range from unplanned outages such as a power failure to natural disasters such as flooding to online attacks on your data.


This is shifted from a capital expenditure to an operational expenditure, allowing for easier budgeting and no unexpected upfront IT costs.

The significant energy cost associated with powering and the equivalent for cooling the hardware is minimised.
The cost for the hardware (servers/storage racks/ switches/etc) is eliminated.
Office space that is often at a premium, is reduced or can be used in a more effective manner than simply housing hardware.


As your business grows and requirements change, your infrastructure must also respond. Due to a hosting providers experience and resources, the growth process be it organic or rapid, can be easily managed, ensuring minimal disruption to your day to day business processes.


Unplanned changes to your business circumstances such as requiring longer hours for support or additional skills are readily available.


Your time is freed up to focus on doing what you do best, whilst your IT is left in the hands of people doing what they do best.

What to Look for in a Hosting Partner


It is important that you work with a hosting provider who has a proven track record and are a stable organisation. Before entering into any agreements it is worth seeking customer references and investigating the hosting provider’s financial background and business history.


Do they have processes and procedures in place to cope with unexpected hardware, internet connectivity and power failures.


Are there a wide range of support staff available to cover your varying support requirements. Is this support available 24/7.


What is in place to guard against both a physical and online breach of your data.


Ensure that there are Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in place that fit in with your business needs. What guarantees are there that these will be met and what happens if they are not.

Disaster Recovery (DR):

Do they have processes in place to deal with a severe disruption to their datacentre. Is there a second site DR capability.

Growth On Demand:

Does the hosting partner have the resource in place to accommodate un-forecasted or rapid growth.


Are there processes in place to monitor your system performance in real time to ensure issues are diagnosed and resolved before they have an adverse effect on your day to day business.
Through reporting can you see future trends and highlight areas for system improvement.

One Stop Shop:

Is the hosting partner in the position to provide a complete approach for all your IT needs now and in the future. To ensure future business growth, the key is to develop a strategic alliance with your hosting partner.
If you are interested in discussing how hosting could help your business, get in contact with a member of the Frontline team today.

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