ERP for Small and Midsized Retailers

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ERP for Small and Midsized Retailers

Small and Midsized retailers have a number of hurdles to tackle in today’s business landscape. To maintain and grow their position within an increasingly competitive marketplace, retailers must find innovative ways to remain competitive that are not based solely on price.

SAP Business One for Retail could be the ideal solution for an SME looking to improve efficiency with a complete end to end retail ERP solution.

To successfully stay in business and ensure profitability, retailers must effectively manage business variables, reduce operational costs, maximise efficiency, provide excellent customer service and work together with suppliers. In order to keep ahead of the competition, retailers must monitor customer buying patterns and accurately forecast future trends.
SAP Business One for Retail combines the back office and head office functionality from the standard SAP Business One solution with a front end Point of Sale (POS) solution which allows you to make timely decisions that help cut costs, boost sales and retain customers. The intuitive, easy to use, point of sale module leaves sales staff free to focus on making the retail experience more enjoyable for your customers.

“SAP Business One for Retail is the most powerful, innovative, efficient and flexible SME ERP system for Retailers on the market. It’s exceptionally easy to use and is perfect for a one store operation, with masses of room for growth into multiple stores.”
– Jon Petrie, Managing Director, DS Music

Common Challenges


  • Sales data and stock level information is out of date
  • POS system not reliable enough, resulting in losing key data
  • Cannot manage targeted promotions effectively due to lack of business information
  • Wasting money on maintaining two POS systems one for retail and one for wholesale

Retail Functionality

Offline capability– for uninterrupted trading if your network goes down. Customers don’t have to wait and no sales are lost.

Faster transaction times– reduce the time customers spend in queues and risk of walkouts.
Ease of use– frees store staff time to focus on the customer, rather than on the mechanics of processing a sale. The intuitive workflows mean there are fewer errors and employee satisfaction is higher.

Visibility of up to date inventory position– empowers staff to quickly locate products in store, in other branches or in the warehouse.


Increase revenue– Optimising customer experience and individual recognition results in repeat visits and customer loyalty. Automating cross sell and up sell opportunities drives up the spend per visit.
Reduce inventory cost– Automating stock levels, ordering and replenishment within and across stores allows you to control inventory cost without compromising customer choice.
Lower total cost of ownership– The use of common platforms and infrastructure ensures your system is scalable, cost effective and future proofed. SAP Business One for Retail is straightforward to configure, manage and use which reduces ongoing IT and training costs.
Decrease shrinkage– Rigorous monitoring and control of cash handling, discounting and returns minimises losses due to human error and fraud.


Instant access to sales and inventory data– gives you the most up to date information with which to make informed and timely decisions that can be implemented as soon as you decide the time is right.
Full data integrity– gives you peace of mind that you are equipped with all the details you need to make important business decisions.
Multi store inventory control– lets you manage stock levels, replenishment and purchasing across stores. Tracking buying preferences across stores gives you the ability to identify best performing lines and keep them in stock so that customers can always find what they want.
Sophisticated promotions and pricing– can be customised by customer segment to reflect value, by store to boost regional performance, and by product to stimulate demand. Promotions can be monitored for effectiveness and updated in real time.

If you are interested in talking about the retail requirements for your SME or SAP Business One in general, get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.

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