Ensure Your Business Data Is Secure

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Ensure Your Business Data Is Secure

With the use of the internet continuing to evolve and grow, business computer networks also become larger and more complex; as a result network security has become a significant factor that every business needs to consider.

Today, most malicious users do not need to possess a high level of programming skills or specialist knowledge to cause damage to your business and instead make use of ‘hacking’ tools available on the internet, which become more and more sophisticated every day.

The following blog takes a look at the Frontline Security as a Service (SaaS) offering.

Security Breaches

Data is key and presents opportunities for potential hackers to compromise a company’s network. Anything from misconfigured equipment or software to unsecured usernames and passwords can pose a real threat to your business network security.

There are many situations where employees themselves, either intentionally or unintentionally pose the biggest threat to a business.

On occasion, employees will unwittingly install software infected with viruses, worms or Trojans. Increasingly users are handed ‘free’ USB memory sticks at conventions which they plug into their work computers containing similar software. Users may forget to secure their desktops/laptops leaving them open as an easy target to potential attackers. End users may use personal details for passwords, information which is readily available through social media – how many sites ask for your Mother’s maiden name as a security check? Finally, they may also be involved in an external attack directly or indirectly – how would you prevent such a breach?

The dedicated Frontline security team are here to help you ensure you minimise the risk of a security breach, mitigating/minimising potential losses.


  • Minimise risk of downtime
  • Prevent unauthorised access
  • Identify new vulnerabilities
  • Maintain reputation
  • Understand severity of risks
  • Support accreditations i.e. PCI DSS requirement
  • Mitigate potential losses
  • Maintain business growth

What We Do

The majority of your business’s computer network information will either be critical and/or sensitive in nature.

Ensuring that this data is protected is of utmost importance. But how can you achieve that objective if you are not sure whether the corporate network is secure in the first place?

This is where Frontline can help. We will design a tailored package to meet your business’s specific security needs and requirements.

Checks can be made against almost any part of your business including-

  • Software – Operating systems / Applications / etc
  • Hardware – Firewalls / Switches / Servers / etc
  • Security Policy/Procedures – Review and/or create security policy documents for your internal and external use

The Frontline security review involves three phases which ‘Evaluate’ your existing infrastructure, ‘Define’ potential vulnerabilities and ‘Implement’ the recommendations.

Why Frontline – SaaS

When you decide that your business could benefit from a security review, you need to select the right security partner to work with.

Below are just some of the reasons companies have partnered with Frontline to manage their security requirements:

Stability – Frontline was established in 1991 and is a privately owned business that has enjoyed consistent organic growth and boasts a 5 Star Dun & Bradstreet credit rating.

Experience – The Frontline security team has been supporting the security needs of hundreds of small, midsized and large enterprises for decades including household names such as Shell, Co-operative Bank, London Scottish Bank and TJ Morris (Home Bargains) to name a few.

Credentials – Frontline partners with the leading providers of IT security solutions including Cisco and Juniper. In addition, we hold the highest accreditations with wider IT partners including SAP Gold Partner, Microsoft Gold Partner, IBM Premier Business Partner and Veeam Gold Partner.

Resource – Frontline employs over 90 staff including solely UK based IT consultants holding the highest accreditations in their field. The Frontline security team includes:

      • Certified ethical hackers
      • Cisco/Juniper certified network consultants
      • Oracle database security experts
      • Windows security (Antivirus) specialists
      • Linux/Unix operating system experts

Contact a member of the Frontline security team today to see how your business could benefit.

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