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Frontline Mission Statement:

“To put customer service, business relevance and technical excellence at the heart of the solutions we provide, and to make Frontline’s service the standard against which all other IT providers are measured.”

Mission and Values

Our belief is that the potential of IT is still greatly underestimated by most UK businesses.

It can be hard to grasp how the systems, applications, and innovations, now being developed by Frontline, and other IT leaders, are transforming the entire arena of business management.

So we think an important role for Frontline is to communicate to clients, potential clients, and the business world in general, how IT can have a positive, measurable, and significant effect on your business.

The great prize is the total integration of client business operations with custom‐built, cloud‐based, IT systems. A synthesis so complete that the IT working hard in your firm’s infrastructure will become virtually invisible.

Our thinking is summarised by the phrase return on integration delivered through a unique organisational process called ‘Connected Delivery’.

The reward will be big cost savings, lower down‐time, higher productivity, and general efficiency improvements. Our sincere hope is that our clients, once freed from the worries of mundane and routine company operations, will be too busy getting on with their real business to even notice what we do.

In a nutshell: the better IT works, the less you notice IT. That’s what we call the return on integration.


To be a great Frontliner calls for creativity, innovative thinking and technical ability. But is that enough?

Of course, we believe that employing people with exceptional personal qualities is supremely important to our business. We also recognise that only with the company’s genuine commitment to build a fulfilled and happy team of people can we deliver superb customer service.

That’s why we place so much focus on cultivating a stimulating work environment and developing a diverse and engaged workforce. It’s the only way we will be able to to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our highly varied customer base.

As a Frontliner you’ll have the freedom to use your special talents and experience to solve the demanding technological challenges our customers throw at us.

The company has just entered into an employee engagement program with Best Companies with the goal of achieving the highest possible ‘Three Star’ accreditation.

Our belief is that the goals of both maximising individual potential, and increasing commercial effectiveness, are entirely compatible aims, so we take a close interest in the careers of our employees at every step, to ensure their progress, the needs of the company, and the interest of customers, are always closely aligned.

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