1. 2017

    In 2017 Frontline wins the largest Sage X3 deal in the UK and the new 12 sided one pound coin is introduced.

  2. 2016

    2016 sees Frontline becoming ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 accredited and the queen celebrates her 90th birthday.

  3. 2015

    Through 2015, the company becomes a Sage X3 reseller, wins its first Sage X3 Customer, and becomes a Dell Partner, all in what the Met Office reports was the hottest year on record for the UK

  4. 2014

    In 2014 Frontline receives Fastest Growing SAP Business One Partner award and fastest selling single was Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars ‘Uptown Funk’.

  5. 2013

    By 2013 we have a staff of eighty and Andy Murray won his first Wimbledon title.

  6. 2012

    In 2012 Frontline gains its first SAP Active Quality Management Accreditation and in the London Olympics the UK comes third in the medal table.

  7. 2011

    Growing business means that in 2011 our Handforth offices have to be expanded and at the same time Adele has her first UK number one with ‘Someone Like You’.

  8. 2010

    2010 see’s us reaching a half century in head count whilst the election results in a hung parliament.

  9. 2009

    In 2009 achieving the coveted SAP Gold Partner status makes our year while Microsoft launches Windows 7.

  10. 2008

    In the year 2008, Frontline reach SAP Silver Partner status and the government nationalises Northern Rock.

  11. 2007

    2007 and Frontline becomes a SAP Partner and Helen Mirren wins best actress Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe for her starring role in The Queen.

  12. 2006

    In 2006 we won an IBM Beacon award for Service Management solutions and Daniel Craig makes his debut as Bond in the film Casino Royale.

  13. 2005

    2005 was the year we became a VMware Enterprise Partner and Bill Gates receives an honorary knighthood from the queen.

  14. 2004

    2004 saw us move offices once again, to our current Handforth site and George W Bush wins a second term as president of the United States.

  15. 2003

    In 2003 we became a Citrix Partner and Roman Abramovich buys Chelsea.

  16. 2002

    By 2002 we’ve grown to 35 employees and LinkedIn, the business oriented social networking service is launched.

  17. 2001

    In 2001 we win our first ‘Managed Service’ contract and the first episode of television sitcom The Office is shown on BBC Two.

  18. 2000

    We set up our Swinton datacentre in 2000 and champion rower Sir Steve Redgrave wins his fifth consecutive gold medal at the Olympics.

  19. 1999

    In 1999 Frontline achieved IBM Premier Partner status and at the turn of the century the millennium bug doesn’t happen.

  20. 1998

    It’s 1998 and Frontline moves from Sale to Swinton and the first ever DVD is released onto the UK market .

  21. 1997

    We purchased the Inform ERP Software Suite and 1997 also saw the end of British rule in Hong Kong.

  22. 1996

    In 1996 we became a Cognos Partner and Oasis scored a big hit with ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’.

  23. 1995

    By 1995 Frontline reaches eighteen employees and Barings, the UK’s oldest merchant bank, collapses following $1.4 billion of losses by rogue trader, Nick Leeson.

  24. 1994

    In 1994 we win award as IBM ‘ERP Partner of the Year’ and MI6 moves into its new headquarters in London

  25. 1993

    By 1993 we have reached double figures in head count and the first webcam connects to the internet.

  26. 1992

    In 1992 we are appointed an IBM/400 Partner and sell our first ERP system and in a London art gallery a young artist called Damien Hirst puts a shark in a glass tank.

  27. 1991

    September 1991 Frontline formed in a small office in Sale and Tim Berners-Lee creates the first ever website at CERN in Switzerland.