Does my business need an ERP system?

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Does my business need an ERP system?

ERP systems have been central to our business at Frontline for more than 25 years. So who better to provide a quick guide to what ERP is and how it can benefit your business?

What is ERP?
The initials stand for Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP is a type of management software that can integrate data from different departments and function within the business – accounts, sales, production and customer relationship management for example.

A properly working ERP system enables the departments to share information and resources. That means management can co-ordinate functions with a complete overview of how the business is operating and how departments and functions are interacting at any given moment.

For complete clarity modern ERPs make the relevant information available on one simple, intuitive dashboard that is constantly updated in real time.

Sounds good, but what difference does it really make?
‘Synergy’ is one of those overused buzzwords, but for once it’s exactly the right word for how ERP can enhance a business. With everything working together and clear communication across all departments, the value is greater than the sum of its parts.

Possible efficiencies and opportunities to improve the business become clear. Better still, the centrally-held data is visible 24/7, anywhere in the world, across desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

Knowledge is power, and the knowledge ERP provides can empower you to make more informed decisions, manage risks better and avoid the damage that can be caused by having different functions (and the people who work in them) operating in silos. ERP systems can also automate key processes, generating a production order when a sales order arrives for example.

But isn’t it just glorified accountancy software?
Although it’s true that ERPs have evolved from accountancy software, modern systems are genuine whole business solutions. Every system will give you the latest financial management tools, and help to keep your financial data secure and compliant. But that’s in addition to the other benefits of having all your business functions connected and integrated.

Aren’t we too small to need ERP?
It’s true that originally business planning software was mainly for big, complex businesses. Not so today. There’s a modern cloud-based ERP system that’s suitable and affordable for every business, including yours.

No wonder 88% of businesses use an ERP system nowadays. The simple truth is that without one you are likely to be lagging behind your competitors. Find out more by talking to the Frontline team today.


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