Making Your Business Mobile for 2016

Discover the significant business gains that you can achieve by enabling your workforce to 'go mobile'.

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Benefits of Making Your Business Mobile

Mobility is no doubt a term you have come across within the business world. This blog is going to take a look at ‘mobility’ in regards to giving your employees the ability to work whilst away from the office.

With virtually every employee now owning a mobile device, there are significant business gains that you can achieve by enabling your workforce to ‘go mobile’.

We will also take a look at the free to download SAP Business One mobile app for iOS and Android.

Increased Revenue

By giving your sales team real time accurate business information whilst away from the office, you can help them close that next sale.

Your mobile device can act as a product catalogue showing your customer pictures of various stock items along with the specifications allowing them to gain all the information they require to place an order.

Better Productivity

Information can be updated whilst on the move by the sales consultant and synchronised with your CRM system to ensure an accurate, up to date view of your customers. This saves them taking time out of their day once they are back in the office to update the CRM, or, as the case may be, forget to update it all together.

No longer will last minute calls need to be made to the office prior to meeting with the customer to check details such as company address, outstanding orders, etc as all this information will be accessible via the mobile device.

Improved Customer Service

Real-time information is available at your finger tips. When your customer rings to ask when their order is due to be delivered for example, no longer will the answer need to be ‘I’ll check with the warehouse team’. Through the integration of mobile solutions, employees can see exactly what stage a customer order is up to and update the customer straight away.

Avoid stock outage situations – Your sales consultant can check stock availability of items whilst sat with the customer and process the order. If items are not in stock, they can view suggested alternative items and put forward a suitable option for the customer.

Mobility with SAP Business One

Are you running SAP Business One? Do you have staff who are not always based in the office? Did you know that there is a free SAP Business One mobile apps for iOS and Android?

With the SAP Business One mobile app you can do business anytime, anywhere. Stay informed whilst on the move-

• Get alerts on actions such as, deviations of approved prices or customers reaching credit limits
• Visualise key information about your business in real time with reports and interactive dashboards
• Create, edit, or view sales opportunities, quotations, and orders, and handle service call activities
• Manage contacts and activities; all info is synched with SAP Business One and the on-device calendar
• Monitor stock levels and get product details, including purchasing and sales prices and photos

The SAP Business One mobile app for iPhone/iPad and Android is free to download.

If you have any questions about mobility, the SAP Business One mobile app or SAP Business One in general, then get in contact with a member of the SAP B1 Team today.

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